4th of July Weekend, 2015

Story told by: Lainey

We had a great 4th of July weekend with Na Na and Ba Ba!

We woke up early on Friday morning so Ba Ba and Daddy could install two new sections on the radio tower. (Notice the matching shirts. Ba Ba came up with his Field Day shirt on, so I requested that Daddy put his on as well. Don’t they look great?!)

As Daddy climbed up the tower, he had a safety belt. Thank goodness because it looked high up there!

While they worked, I put on my best outfit for working outside so I could lend them a hand.

The two new sections are up, and they finished by installing the antenna at the top. Let’s do some ham radio!

After the tower was up, we headed over to the Moscow water park. We had a picnic, and then hit the water. Henry was stylin’ in his shades.

Mommy asked me to take a picture with Ba Ba, so naturally this is what I did. Picture perfect, right Mommy?

Ba Ba and I had lots of fun playing together!

The Reed family happened to be at the water park, so Mommy and Jenny hung out with Brody while we played in the water.

We had a blast, and loved staying cool in the water! Thanks for playing with us Na Na and Ba Ba!

We were wiped out, and went to bed extra early that night. (By the time this picture was taken, Henry was actually already in bed because he fell asleep while eating dinner.) We had to get in a good book first before I went upstairs.

Brody snuggled with Ba Ba before going to bed.

The next day was 4th of July! We have so much fun on this holiday! We started with red, white, and blue oatmeal. Na Na also provided some delicious cinnamon rolls!

After breakfast, we headed over to get our spots for the Johnson Parade. Henry and Daddy tried to take a picture, but they’re so easily distracted.

This picture is a little better, but Henry really needs to work on smiling for pictures. I’ll have to show this kid how it’s done.

Mommy got us some cute 4th of July outfits (and Grandma bought me this cute headband while she was visiting).

Henry loved watching all of the trucks get ready for the parade!

We love having friends join us at the parade. This is Mommy and her sweet friend, Abby.

Aesy and I stayed cool in the shade.

Family picture! We seem to keep adding a new kid each year.

Ba Ba kept Henry happy with his hat.

Ivy arrived and joined in the fun.

It’s almost time for the parade to start!

Brody woke up just in time!

Here comes the marching band!

I brought my egg shaker and drum so I could play with the marching band. Since I couldn’t play them both at the same time, Na Na helped me out.

Henry showed his American pride by waving the flag.

I showed my American pride by eating an Otter Pop. It doesn’t get much more patriotic than that.

The Druffel family was Candy Land this year. I always love their costumes!

I hung out with Mommy for most of the parade.

Brody needed to stay out of the sun, so he moved back into the shade with Ba Ba. He enjoyed his view from back there.

After we took naps, it was time to play outside and barbecue dinner! Daddy used his extra large spatula to turn the potatoes, and then he later put on some delicious burgers!

While Daddy worked on dinner, we played with Na Na and Ba Ba. It was 99 degrees, so playing in the water was a necessity!

Ba Ba and I had lots of fun running through the sprinkler.

Henry loved chasing bubbles.

I took a break from running through the sprinkler to play on the swing. Thanks for pushing me Ba Ba! After playing outside, we had a yummy dinner, and then fell asleep quickly. No fireworks for us this year, but we might attempt the community fireworks show in a year or two once my brothers are a little older.

On Sunday morning, Ba Ba and Na Na had to go home. I got in a few minutes of snuggling with Ba Ba before they left. Thanks for a great visit, and we’ll see you when we come to your house in a few weeks!

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