Fire Station Visit

Story told by: Henry

We got to go to the fire station this morning with some friends. I absolutely LOVE any type of truck, so Mommy thought it would be perfect for me!

We’re lucky that our amazing neighbor, Tony, is a real, live firefighter. (I know! Isn’t it awesome?!) He was able to give us our tour this morning.

Tony took a few minutes to explain the ambulance and the firetruck. They were much larger than I was expecting!

When it came time to actually sit in the ambulance and firetruck, I was not too sure about it. Thanks goodness Kamryn was there to sit with me! Kamryn is our favorite babysitter, and Tony’s daughter. Mommy thought it might be helpful for Kamryn to stay with me during our tour. (Is she suggesting that I’m a problem?)

See what I mean. Definitely not getting a smile out of me at the moment. Way too much to take in.

Lainey, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to jump in! She started by taking a turn in the ambulance.

Now into the fire truck!

Okay, so the girls didn’t seem so nervous. Maybe I could give it a try…

I did okay when Kamryn came up with me. Mommy told me that when Lainey was my age, you couldn’t even get her within 20 feet of a firetruck. Now she’s loving it, so there’s hope for me yet!

As time went on, I warmed up a little to the firetruck, so I decided that I could look around (although there was no way I was getting out of Kamryn’s lap).

Lainey couldn’t wait to drive the firetruck! She loved it!

And look at my first smile of the day! I’m getting much more comfortable!

After spending lots of time with the trucks, we got to see the rest of the fire station. Did you know that these guys get to have sleepovers for work?! That seems like a pretty fun job!

Lainey made herself right at home on one of the beds. She seems like a wild child. Who raised this girl anyways?

After the tour was done, we got some shots of the whole crew! (I clearly had much better things to be doing with my time. And you can tell that my friend, Walter, did, too.)

Thank you so much Tony! We had a wonderful time! (Well, I eventually had a wonderful time, and that’s what counts.)

Summer Fun

Story told by: Lainey

We have been staying very busy this summer! Thank goodness because if I get more than two seconds of downtime, I’m begging Mommy for something to do. (She doesn’t always jump in to entertain me, though, which is slightly irritating.)

We took Stella to the farmer’s market one morning. (Stella has a baby brother, so we wanted to give her mommy and daddy a little break from a busy older sibling.)

We got some swords, and walked around pretending we were pirates. Arghhh!

One day I picked out this cute shirt to wear! The funny thing about it is that I wore this as a dress for my first birthday. Still fits!

Brody has been givingus lots of smiles.

He is also one chubby (and incredibly cute) little guy. Look at all of those rolls!

One night we met some friends at the library summer reading finale.

We had a picnic while we listened to live music.

We also did lots of dancing with friends.

Mommy and Brody got to spend a quiet moment together while we were running around with daddy. Mommy seemed extra happy to get what she calls “rare quiet time” with Brody. I can’t imagine what she’s talking about.

Henry is a goofball!

Brody got to spend some time with Wiley (Daisy’s little brother). They’re a similar size, and Wiley is three months older than Brody.

At the end of the concert, we got some ice cream!

And it turns out if you consume ice cream at lightning speed, you’re going to get something called “brain freeze.” Why in the world did no one warn me about this?!

We love to be outside as much as humanly possible. Mommy traced my body so I could add clothes and a face.

Henry has recently been learning so much from me. Mommy doesn’t seem to always appreciate this, but I would argue that learning how to run away, how to hit someone, and how to scream extra loud are valuable traits.

We went to Sunnyside Park recently for Weston and Allison’s going away party. We loved watching the ducks in the pond!

Weston and Allison are off to Mozambique (in Africa) in a few months, but they’re leaving Pullman now. We’ll miss having them around! Best of luck to you two!

Brody has really started to interact with us! We love this kid!

Swim with Dede, 2015

Story by: Lainey

I am so excited to say that I FINALLY got to do swim lessons with Dede this summer! You have to be three years old, so I’ve been anxiously anticipating this summer! Dede is a legend around Pullman, and has been teaching swim lessons in her dad’s pool for decades. (Dede also happens to be Mirabel’s grandma, so I’ve known Dede since I was born.) The swim lessons were every day for two weeks. Lots of swimming!

On the first day of lessons, Dede had us jumping in the pool, swimming with her, jumping off the diving board, and diving down to the bottom of the pool (with her help).

This is me swimming on the second day of class.

Dede taught us to hang on to the side of the pool to keep us safe.

I was really lucky because I got to have Ivy, Evan, and Kenley in my class. The perfect group!

Evan and I loved the water from day one!

For the last 15 minutes of class each day, we got to put on water floaties and have free time. Our families could get in with us as well.

Daddy got to come swim with me during his lunch break a few times. Henry got to get in, too, and we had a blast!

Henry was a swimming machine.

I couldn’t get enough of the diving board.

I did the slide twice, but that was enough for me. That slide is fast!

As the week went on, I got even more comfortable with swimming.

We all loved getting out of the pool and trying to jump in together, but since we’re only three years old, it’s REALLY hard for us to wait for each other!

Daddy and I had lots of fun when he would throw me way up high! I couldn’t get enough of it.

Our last day of swimming was today, and we got a huge lollipop. Look at the size of that thing!

I had a wonderful two weeks, and I really improved my swimming skills. Thank you, Dede, for being wonderful! I loved my time with you!

My Two-Month Checkup

Story told by: Brody

I had my two-month checkup today! Mommy and Daddy were placing bets on how much I was going to weigh because I am one big boy. Mommy thought I would weigh 14 1/2 pounds, and Daddy thought I would weigh 15 pounds. As you’ll soon see, they were both very wrong.

When we arrived at the office, I was weighed and measured.

While we waited for Nurse Amanda to bring in my stats, Mommy and I hung out. (Lainey and Henry went to play with Ivy and Mac, so Mommy and I had a special date together.)

Mommy accidentally scratched my face yesterday, thus the little scab. Lainey told someone today that I have that mark because Mommy pinched me really hard. That girl is going to be trouble.

Nurse Amanda came in, and before giving us the stats said, “I thought Brody looked like a big kid for his six-month checkup, but then I realized it was actually only his two-month checkup. Wow.”

Here are my stats:

Height: 25 inches (98th percentile)…….(Lainey was 23 1/4 inches, and Henry was 23 1/2 inches)

Weight: 18 pounds, 3 ounces (greater than 98th percentile – off the charts)…….(Lainey was 13 1/2 pounds, and Henry was 15 pounds, 5 ounces)

Head Circumference: 17 inches (greater than 98th percentile – off the charts)…….(Lainey and Henry both measured at 16 1/2 inches)

Here comes the third child for the winning measurements! Watch out world!

I sure have no trouble with growing! Dr. Mike checked with Mommy to make sure that I’m not eating too much, but after she told him how much I’m eating, as well as how often I’m eating, he said it sounds okay and that I’m just a big guy. He also said that I’m proportional, which is a great sign. Dr. Mike gave me a clean bill of health, and then turned me over to the nurse for some shots. Thanks a lot, Dr. Mike.

I was a little fussier this evening, but I managed to turn on the charm with some smiles.

See you in two months Dr. Mike!

The Grunenfelders Visit the Palouse

Story told by: Lainey

The Grunenfelders came to visit this weekend, and boy, oh boy…we had a great time!

They arrived on Friday night, so we had dinner, and then it was time for PJs and books. I was SO happy to get to read with my good friend, Emma (and her mommy, Chelsea).

Our original plan on Saturday morning was to go to the water park, but for the first time in four weeks, our temperature dipped below 90 degrees! It was 73 degrees and rainy. It was refreshing weather, but didn’t exactly make for a great trip to the water park, so we headed to Bonkerz!

Emma and I spent lots of time being goofy.

Henry loved the cars (which is no surprise to anyone who knows this kid).

Emma’s little brother, Cole, spent lots of time in the car area as well. These boys were made for each other!

When Daddy wasn’t chasing us through the climbing structure, he spent some time with Brody.

This kid is a beast!

After Bonkerz we went with our friend, Lyla, and her family to Winger’s for a delicious lunch. Emma’s daddy, Kent, got the pleasure of our company. Lucky guy!

Daddy was a champ. He put Brody to sleep in the Ergo, and still managed to neatly eat a burger. What a guy!

On Sunday morning, we took Emma and her family to church. (They used to attend our church before they moved away.) I reminded Emma of one of EBC’s best church traditions – doughnuts!

After a good morning at church, we went to Cougar Country for some delicious burgers and fries! A trip to Pullman isn’t complete without visiting this place.

Cole gobbled up his post-lunch treat.

Henry doesn’t like ice cream, but he seemed pretty content to watch us eat ours. (He’s one weird kid if you ask me.)

When we got home, we had some quiet time before heading outside to play. We tested one of the carrots in the garden, and it’s pretty tiny. The carrots definitely need some more time to get “big, big, big.”

I’m happy to report that one of my sunflowers has bloomed (with many more close behind).

I’m LOVING my flowers! (On the edge of the garden, we have about ten zinnias that have also bloomed.)

On Monday morning, the Grunenfelders had to leave. We got one last picture before they left. I’m so happy they could spend the weekend with us, and I can’t wait to see them again!

Finally, I’ll leave you with a few random pictures from the last week…

I had a great front-row seat for the rain/thunder storm.

Henry kept saying, “Pease, pease,” (Please, please), so we gave him what he wanted – a beautiful Snow White dress!

I may not have a little sister, but this will do just fine.

Henry is such a good sport!

4th of July Weekend, 2015

Story told by: Lainey

We had a great 4th of July weekend with Na Na and Ba Ba!

We woke up early on Friday morning so Ba Ba and Daddy could install two new sections on the radio tower. (Notice the matching shirts. Ba Ba came up with his Field Day shirt on, so I requested that Daddy put his on as well. Don’t they look great?!)

As Daddy climbed up the tower, he had a safety belt. Thank goodness because it looked high up there!

While they worked, I put on my best outfit for working outside so I could lend them a hand.

The two new sections are up, and they finished by installing the antenna at the top. Let’s do some ham radio!

After the tower was up, we headed over to the Moscow water park. We had a picnic, and then hit the water. Henry was stylin’ in his shades.

Mommy asked me to take a picture with Ba Ba, so naturally this is what I did. Picture perfect, right Mommy?

Ba Ba and I had lots of fun playing together!

The Reed family happened to be at the water park, so Mommy and Jenny hung out with Brody while we played in the water.

We had a blast, and loved staying cool in the water! Thanks for playing with us Na Na and Ba Ba!

We were wiped out, and went to bed extra early that night. (By the time this picture was taken, Henry was actually already in bed because he fell asleep while eating dinner.) We had to get in a good book first before I went upstairs.

Brody snuggled with Ba Ba before going to bed.

The next day was 4th of July! We have so much fun on this holiday! We started with red, white, and blue oatmeal. Na Na also provided some delicious cinnamon rolls!

After breakfast, we headed over to get our spots for the Johnson Parade. Henry and Daddy tried to take a picture, but they’re so easily distracted.

This picture is a little better, but Henry really needs to work on smiling for pictures. I’ll have to show this kid how it’s done.

Mommy got us some cute 4th of July outfits (and Grandma bought me this cute headband while she was visiting).

Henry loved watching all of the trucks get ready for the parade!

We love having friends join us at the parade. This is Mommy and her sweet friend, Abby.

Aesy and I stayed cool in the shade.

Family picture! We seem to keep adding a new kid each year.

Ba Ba kept Henry happy with his hat.

Ivy arrived and joined in the fun.

It’s almost time for the parade to start!

Brody woke up just in time!

Here comes the marching band!

I brought my egg shaker and drum so I could play with the marching band. Since I couldn’t play them both at the same time, Na Na helped me out.

Henry showed his American pride by waving the flag.

I showed my American pride by eating an Otter Pop. It doesn’t get much more patriotic than that.

The Druffel family was Candy Land this year. I always love their costumes!

I hung out with Mommy for most of the parade.

Brody needed to stay out of the sun, so he moved back into the shade with Ba Ba. He enjoyed his view from back there.

After we took naps, it was time to play outside and barbecue dinner! Daddy used his extra large spatula to turn the potatoes, and then he later put on some delicious burgers!

While Daddy worked on dinner, we played with Na Na and Ba Ba. It was 99 degrees, so playing in the water was a necessity!

Ba Ba and I had lots of fun running through the sprinkler.

Henry loved chasing bubbles.

I took a break from running through the sprinkler to play on the swing. Thanks for pushing me Ba Ba! After playing outside, we had a yummy dinner, and then fell asleep quickly. No fireworks for us this year, but we might attempt the community fireworks show in a year or two once my brothers are a little older.

On Sunday morning, Ba Ba and Na Na had to go home. I got in a few minutes of snuggling with Ba Ba before they left. Thanks for a great visit, and we’ll see you when we come to your house in a few weeks!

Hot Summer Days

Story told by: Lainey

We’ve had some record-breaking heat lately (it was 106 degrees a couple of days ago)! Here’s some pictures of how we’re staying cool.

We don’t have air conditioning, but we do have a basement that keeps us cool. Brody can sleep through any type of weather, though!

Once he wakes up, we can’t wait to get to him!

During the peak heat of the day, we often stay inside to stay cool.

Sometimes it gets to be too hot inside, though, so we head outside to the sprinkler and the pool.

This fountain at a local park also does the trick to keep us cool!

We try to find all of the toys in the shade.

We had a successful trip to Costco with Mommy (although Henry was irritated that Mommy wouldn’t let him eat the peaches and animal crackers from the cart). The air conditioned car ride and the air conditioned store were quite nice!

Bonkerz is also air conditioned, so we’ve been spending some mornings there.

We entertain ourselves at home with Brody’s silly faces!

I think Brody’s face says, “If I stay still enough, maybe they won’t see me.” No such luck buddy.

We’re getting some big smiles out of this guy!

I wanted to take a picture of Mommy and Brody. This is the first picture I’ve taken. Watch out world! Mommy is teaching me the art of obsessively taking pictures, so I’m sure there will be many more to come!

Since our rooms are upstairs, we have window AC units to cool them down. Mommy and Daddy recently moved Brody from the bassinet in their room to the crib in his room so he can take advantage of the air conditioning. He’s getting so big! (And I really love his pink, flower-covered sleep sack. I’m sure he feels the same way about it.)

We love the hot weather because it means we get a little more TV time than normal! Henry loves “Thomas the Train,” so we will occasionally watch that.

For the most part, I’m done with naps. I’ll do a little bit of quiet time on my own, and then Mommy and I get some time together while the boys naps. We recently did a 4th of July craft with q-tips.

I had fun making these festive fireworks. Only a few more days until one of our favorite holidays!