Our Recent Happenings

Story told by: Lainey

We’ve had a good week so far!

We’ve gone on a couple of walks with Mommy. My brothers take up the ENTIRE stroller, so I have to walk. Mommy says I get to be a big girl and walk with her, but I’m not convinced that’s actually a good thing.

Brody sleeps through the stroller rides. Isn’t he cute?! I often walk by and say, “There’s my baby brother. He’s a cutie cutie.”

At the end of our walks, we typically end up at the park by the highway so I can get trucks to honk. Henry and I could do this for at least an hour!

Our friends, Darcee and Oliver, came to spend one night with us. Darcee was very excited to meet Brody! Darcee is going to have another baby in November. We’re so excited for her!

It was quite warm when they were here, so we spent time playing outside (while Mommy and Darcee relaxed in the shade).

After a great time outside, we jumped in the bath together. Doesn’t everyone take baths with their friends?!

Mommy was brave enough (or crazy enough) to try her first shopping trip with all three of us. It’s one crowded cart, but we made it work!

I’m working on giving up my nap. On the day this picture was taken I insisted I didn’t need a nap and that I was wide awake. Hmmmm….maybe I was a little more tired than I thought.

Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Jaron came down for dinner one night this week. They are about to move to Saipan (located north of Guam), so it was really fun to get to visit with them. They happily participated in my parade…thanks guys!

While Mommy puts away laundry, Henry and I take full advantage of the empty laundry basket (and I make silly faces)!

Brody’s time on the play mat has been wearing him out.

We walked to the post office this morning to mail Brody’s birth announcements. While we were there, Debbie, the postmaster, let me postmark the envelopes. How fun!

I was also very excited to find that Na Na had mailed something to me! I love getting mail!

A letter and stickers! How did Na Na know that I’m starting to get low on stickers?! Thank you Na Na!

Na Na also sent Henry his very own letter and stickers!

Henry doesn’t quite know what to do with stickers, but I’ll be sure to teach him (while also most likely stealing a few of his stickers).

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