Father’s Day Weekend, 2015

Story told by: Lainey

We’ve had a great Father’s Day Weekend! It was jam-packed with fun (and a trip to the Emergency Room, but I’ll get to that later in my post).

On Saturday morning, we went to Kids’ Day at Pullman Building Supply. They recently opened, and are having their Grand Opening Celebration during the month of June. When we got there, I started out by painting a pot.

It required lots of concentration.

While I let my pot dry, I decided to try out the bike course.

I was a rock star at going over the ramp!

Henry walked around with me and provided moral support.

The nice workers at Pullman Building Supply built an airplane for Henry.

He loved it!

He had it flying all over the place.

Right before we left, we made sure my pot was dry and planted two flowers in it. I can’t wait until they bloom!

After we took naps, we went to Ivy’s house for a summer kick-off BBQ with lots of friends.

After a yummy dinner, we played Daddy’s cornhole game. Daddy and Jeremy had to make sure the distance was regulation length.

The adults had a lot of fun playing this all evening.

Christy managed to throw her beanbag into the hole twice while holding a baby. Impressive!

The kids were monkeys all over the play set!

In the midst of all of this climbing, I fell off of the slide. At first I thought I got stung by a bee while falling off of the slide, so Mommy put a baking soda paste on my finger to help with the stinging. I rested inside for quite awhile after this.

Mac and Brody accidentally wore the same outfit, so Mommy made sure to document this fun coincidence!

The ladies of the group! These are some sweet, sweet women.

As we were about to leave Ivy’s house, Mommy noticed that my entire finger was swollen and that I didn’t want to move it. Mommy started to wonder if I had broken my thumb while falling off the slide. After talking to our pediatrician, Mommy decided to take me to the hospital to get some x-rays. I was a very brave girl (even though I had trouble moving my finger for the x-rays…it really hurt me). The x-ray technician let me see the pictures of the bones in my hand, which I thought was so cool, and the nurse let me have a bunny to help me feel less nervous.

After waiting for the results, we found out that it was just a bad sprain. It will be quite sore and swollen for a few days, but at least it’s not broken. Another nurse felt that my bunny needed a friend, so they gave me a monkey to keep her company. Even though my thumb hurts, it was worth it to get to bring these two new friends home!

(And Mommy and Daddy think they finally pieced together what actually happened…as I was climbing up the slide, I saw a bug on my hand. It startled me enough that I fell off the slide, and the pain in my thumb made me think that I was stung by a bee. It’s tough to always get your story straight when you’re three years old.)

The next day was Father’s Day! I’ve been waiting for this day for over a week! Two days ago I said, “I’m going to love Father’s Day. It’s the best!” We started out with a yummy Crockpot egg casserole breakfast.

Then we gave Daddy his presents, and I was a big helper.

We gave him a special present to decorate his desk at work.

Daddy says this is perfect for his desk. We also made these for Ba Ba and Grandpa. When Grandma was here, she and Mommy worked extra hard on these. We gave them a run for their money because we LOVED smearing our footprints, but they managed to get three decent canvases.

After church we drove up to the top of Steptoe Butte. What a beautiful view of the Palouse!

Mommy intended for it to be a nice, relaxing picnic lunch. Silly Mommy. Doesn’t she know better by now?

After eating a few bites of my lunch, I saw a bug and threw my lunch everywhere. (I’m still a little traumatized from yesterday.) I then declared that I didn’t want to do anything.

Henry made a huge mess of himself and the stroller.

We rallied for a bit and went to do some exploring.

But then I saw another bug, and remembered that I hate being outside.

Then I fell down and remembered that I really, really hate being outside. (This attitude about outside isn’t typical for me, but the great outdoors have been a little rough on me this weekend.)

So after Daddy wolfed down his lunch (and Mommy decided she would just eat her lunch in the car on the drive home), we managed to get a couple of nice family pictures.

Daddy wanted to grill for dinner. When we got home, Brody and Henry took naps while I helped Daddy make kabobs. We made a yummy red potato mix on the grill as well. We also had watermelon, which Henry and I could eat by the gallon. We are LOVING watermelon right now, and have been going through at least an entire watermelon per week.

After dinner, we watched Daddy’s favorite Switchfoot movie while eating dessert. We got to eat warm, fresh-out-of-the-oven brownies with Ferdinand’s chocolate peanut butter ice cream. Absolutely perfect!

We sure love our daddy. He’s always goofy with us, and makes us laugh. He is the best daddy in the world. Happy Father’s Day!

Dance Recital, 2015

Story told by: Lainey

I had my dance recital tonight, and I was sure excited! I’ve been practicing all year for this moment.

DSC_0059 (1)

This picture was taken by Daddy’s cousin, Carly. It was taken at my dance class a few weeks ago, and shows my hard work and dedication to prepare for my recital!

This is my tap dance costume! Isn’t it beautiful!

It’s pink and sparkly. It couldn’t be any more perfect for me!

I’m so excited!!

Hailey and I got a picture before our dances started! I think we’re pretty darn cute.

Mommy is one of my biggest fans!

Ivy and I have been dancing together for two years!

Make sure to listen for my singing. I’m a woman of many talents….singing AND dancing!

Our next dance was our ballet dance with our babies!

We’re some pretty cute ballerinas!

Henry stayed at home with our babysitter, Kamryn, because he would have had zero interest in my dancing (although I’m not sure why because I’m the best dancer in the world). Brody came to watch, but didn’t seem to be thrilled by it either. Come on brothers…get with it!

After all of the dances were done, we got our awards. I got a second year trophy, which was the biggest of the trophies! I loved it!

Mommy and Daddy also had a special flower for me. Amazing!

Nicci, CeCe, and their Mommy came to support me. That meant so much to me.

They even brought a beautiful ballerina necklace for me. How sweet. Thank you guys so much!!

Me and Ms. Brooke – the best dance teacher ever! I am going to miss dance class with her over the summer, but have already declared that I can’t wait to start up again in the fall!

After dancing, flowers, and trophies, I STILL got to go get some ice cream! This night keeps getting better and better.

I ate all of my ice cream. I earned it after lots of dancing! And once we got in the car to head home, I was asleep within about two minutes. What a great night!

Our Recent Happenings

Story told by: Lainey

We’ve had a good week so far!

We’ve gone on a couple of walks with Mommy. My brothers take up the ENTIRE stroller, so I have to walk. Mommy says I get to be a big girl and walk with her, but I’m not convinced that’s actually a good thing.

Brody sleeps through the stroller rides. Isn’t he cute?! I often walk by and say, “There’s my baby brother. He’s a cutie cutie.”

At the end of our walks, we typically end up at the park by the highway so I can get trucks to honk. Henry and I could do this for at least an hour!

Our friends, Darcee and Oliver, came to spend one night with us. Darcee was very excited to meet Brody! Darcee is going to have another baby in November. We’re so excited for her!

It was quite warm when they were here, so we spent time playing outside (while Mommy and Darcee relaxed in the shade).

After a great time outside, we jumped in the bath together. Doesn’t everyone take baths with their friends?!

Mommy was brave enough (or crazy enough) to try her first shopping trip with all three of us. It’s one crowded cart, but we made it work!

I’m working on giving up my nap. On the day this picture was taken I insisted I didn’t need a nap and that I was wide awake. Hmmmm….maybe I was a little more tired than I thought.

Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Jaron came down for dinner one night this week. They are about to move to Saipan (located north of Guam), so it was really fun to get to visit with them. They happily participated in my parade…thanks guys!

While Mommy puts away laundry, Henry and I take full advantage of the empty laundry basket (and I make silly faces)!

Brody’s time on the play mat has been wearing him out.

We walked to the post office this morning to mail Brody’s birth announcements. While we were there, Debbie, the postmaster, let me postmark the envelopes. How fun!

I was also very excited to find that Na Na had mailed something to me! I love getting mail!

A letter and stickers! How did Na Na know that I’m starting to get low on stickers?! Thank you Na Na!

Na Na also sent Henry his very own letter and stickers!

Henry doesn’t quite know what to do with stickers, but I’ll be sure to teach him (while also most likely stealing a few of his stickers).

Riverfront Park Fountain

Story told by: Lainey

After we dropped Grandma and Grandpa off at the airport, we went to Riverfront Park to have a picnic and play in the fountain. (This made me a little less sad about Grandma and Grandpa going home.)

Aunt Cretia and Grandma Jackie were in town, so we got to meet them for a picnic. They brought some delicious food!

After lunch it was finally time to play in the fountain. It was so much fun!

Grandma Jackie hung out with Brody while we splashed around.

Towards the end of our time at the park, I was finally brave enough to run through the tall fountains. Once I did it for the first time, I couldn’t get enough of it!

Aunt Cretia also spent some with Brody (when she wasn’t chasing us around the fountain). Thank you so much for coming to spend the afternoon with us!

We were exhausted! It did not take long for us to fall asleep.

We slept most of the way home. What a great day!

No Time for Naps!

Story told by: Henry

As we neared the end of our visit with Grandma and Grandpa, we often skipped naps because we had so many activities to pack into our remaining days!

Grandma and Grandpa took Lainey and I to Bonkerz (while Mommy and Brody took a nap at home…boring!).

After Bonkerz we went to Old McDonald’s for lunch (as we like to call it), and had a delicious lunch. We even had an ice cream treat afterwards. These are Lainey’s and Grandma’s “Brrrr! The ice cream is soooo cold” faces.

On another day we met Daddy at Ferdinand’s for ice cream. I don’t like ice cream (I know, I know, it’s strange), so I had some Cougar Gold cheese curds. (And notice how cute I am in this picture and what a grump my sister is. I’m one perfect kid.)

Just livin’ the thug life with Grandpa.

We kept Grandpa busy with frequent requests for him to give us baths at night. Mommy and Daddy seemed pretty happy with this request!

After our baths, we tried to sneak in even more activities before we had to go to bed. Lainey loved painting with Grandma.

I loved reading books with Grandpa (and the most commonly read books were obviously about trucks).

While we’re just crazy about having Grandma and Grandpa here, Brody doesn’t seem convinced. His face says it all!

We took Grandma and Grandpa to story time, and I demonstrated my more relaxed approach with Ms. Kathleen.

After story time, we went to the Dollar Store. While Mommy fed Brody in the car, Lainey and I went with Grandma and Grandpa to pick out whatever we wanted. When our Dollar Store trip required a cart to get to the car, Mommy had to take a picture because she couldn’t quite believe it.

Lainey and Grandpa had a special date to Old European one morning. I can’t wait until I’m old enough to join them on these breakfast dates!

While Lainey was at breakfast, Grandma made a castle for us! Lainey was soooo excited when she got home! (The opening she’s sticking her head out of can also be used for a puppet theater.)

Our Grandma is the coolest!

My absolute favorite thing in the world right now is waving at trucks, so you could often find us outside waiting for the big trucks to drive by. If we were lucky, they would honk for us!

One of the things we got at the Dollar Store was a kite, so one afternoon we went to an open field to fly it.

They made me stay in the stroller. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with that choice. (** Disclaimer…after receiving a call from Grandma, Mommy was made aware that I only had to stay in the stroller while they built the kite. They’re not monsters…they let me run around while they were flying the kite.)

There was just enough of a breeze that day to make the kite flying a success!

As the week goes on, Brody has been getting much more alert. He’s so darn cute!

We spent lots more time enjoying the warm weather and playing in the water!

I got this water table for my birthday, so now that the weather is warm enough, Grandpa helped to set it up. We love it!

Lainey and Grandpa took a long scooter ride one day.

While we were busy outside, Brody stayed busy inside with some time on his mat. This is his idea of fun!

One last picture of Grandma and Grandpa with their newest grandchild. We had to take them to the airport this morning, and we were quite sad to see them go. Hopefully we’ll get to see you in just a few months. We love you!