Everyone is Still Alive!

Story told by: Henry

Today was Daddy’s first day back to work, and we made it through the day alive! Mommy did her best to document our day (but managed to capture maybe 10% of the craziness). Here’s our story!

We started the day by saying goodbye to Daddy. We’re sure going to miss him. It’s been a fun two weeks with him at home!

Bye,  bye Daddy!

Mommy started out with doing Lainey’s hair.

And I happily played with toys while they did that.

Then Lainey wanted to color.

I couldn’t be left out, so Mommy sat down to help me color (and to prevent me from eating a yummy crayon snack).

During all of this, Brody continued to sleep, so Mommy hopped in the shower.

Mommy left us nicely reading, but as soon as she was in the shower, Lainey opened the door and led me upstairs. Oh boy, did we have fun making a mess up there! Mommy did not seem to have as much fun cleaning it up (with very limited help from me).

After everything was cleaned up, it was time to feed Brody.

Now we’re ready to leave for dance class.

But in order to give Mommy a challenge, I decided to have a poopy diaper at the last possible moment before leaving the house. (I wouldn’t want to make her first solo day too easy.)

Okay, we’re loaded in the car and ready to go!

We made it to dance class, and Lainey was ready to go on the stage with Nora and Lucy.

In order to keep me from running all over the place, Mommy locked me up in a stroller. I wasn’t too thrilled about it until I realized that I would get lots of snacks. Keep the food coming!

On the way home from dance class, Lainey had a temper tantrum because Mommy wouldn’t drive on the road that Lainey wanted her to drive on. Come on, Lainey…pull it together.

And then I had a temper tantrum once we got home because Mommy wouldn’t let me touch Brody’s car seat. (For the record, this was much more valid than Lainey’s temper tantrum. I REALLY wanted to touch the car seat.)

Lunch time.

Then it was time to feed Brody. Since we clearly have zero toys, we insist on being right by Mommy while she nurses/gives Brody a bottle.

Sometimes we like to just stare at her.

I like to try to break as many rules as possible (like climbing on furniture) because it’s much harder for Mommy to do anything about it while she’s feeding Brody.

And Lainey makes sure to create as much drama as possible. Here she is in a self-imposed time out. Why? Nobody knows.

We eventually got our act together, though, and enjoyed dancing to some music.

Diaper change for my little brother.

And some time on the mat for him. We LOVE this time because it’s a chance to finally get our hands on Brody.

I’m getting a little better with my gentle touch, but sometimes I get too excited and forget my manners.

I hope Brody is okay with zero personal space.

Before naps we helped Mommy put in some laundry. (I’m actually scared of the washing machine and dryer, so I stood on the other side of the room while Lainey helped.)

Mommy always pretends she’s a monster on the way up to nap time.

We love it!

Nap time!

Nap time for Lainey (or so Mommy thinks).

After we were in bed, Mommy feeds Brody and gets him to sleep.

And after multiple attempts to get Lainey to take a nap, Mommy finally gives up and let’s Lainey watch “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.”

Now I’m up from a great two-hour nap. I’m clearly the golden child.

While Mommy changes my diaper, Lainey throws a temper tantrum on the floor. I can’t possibly imagine why she could have used that nap.

We come downstairs for a snack, while Mommy has a big cup of coffee. She’s starting to feel pretty tired.

What are you lookin’ at?

Messy face!

Loving my muffin!

Mommy draws a “pig” for Lainey. I know I’ve only had one year of experience on this earth, but I’ve got to debate whether this is actually a pig, or an animal with a pig’s nose and tail, a cat’s body, and devil horns. It’s quite unique.

Lainey adds details to it, which spruce it right up!

While Lainey wastes the day away with coloring, I’m productive and help Mommy with some vacuuming.

I’ve heard that pulling on the cord, wrapping it around your body, and pulling it out of the socket is somehow helpful, so I do what I can to be a big helper.

The vacuum really held our attention today!

And then when Mommy’s not looking, I try to sneak into the pack ‘n play. She always catches me, though. Darn it.

We help to switch around more laundry.

We build with blocks.

Read books.

Play with toys.


Set the table for dinner.

Take care of our babies (including feeding Brody again).

And Daddy is FINALLY home! It was a busy day, but since we were fed and clothed, Mommy considers it a success. Here’s to doing it all over again tomorrow!

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