Time to Garden!

Story told by: Lainey

We took advantage of the nice weather today, and planted our garden this morning. We’ve been a little busy, so we didn’t have time to plant starters this year. We’re just going to see what we can do with seeds straight into the ground.

Daddy took time to explain to me how we’re going to plant the seeds. We started with sugar snap peas.

Daddy placed the seeds at the correct distance apart.

And then I would push the seeds into the dirt.

Henry came over to help a little.

For the most part, though, Henry just wandered around and played in the dirt.

I’ve been wanting to plant some just-for-fun flowers. Daddy and I planted sunflowers and zinnias. I’m most excited for these to grow!

Some of the seeds required us to pack down the dirt after we planted them, so we all got involved with this process.

Henry helped to prepare the spot for the cucumbers.

After awhile Henry and I got bored with planting, so we entertained ourselves on the play structure.

We left Daddy on his own to finish planting the carrots, zucchini, and basil, as well as soak the garden with water. My brothers keep us quite busy, so we only planted half of our garden this year. This will be a little more manageable. I can’t wait to see the first little sprouts coming up!

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