My First Few Days In the Real World

Story told by: Brody

Hello, world! They let us leave the hospital this past Saturday (two days after I was born).

I slept soundly on my way home.

The morning after I got home, we were all up bright and early to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Na Na is here with us right now, so we had a relaxing morning with her as well. Lainey loves to hold me.

And Henry likes to poke my eyes out. This kid is going to be dangerous.

Aunt Janet is here with us for a few days, so I’ve had plenty of snuggles with her.

And Carly is here as well! She likes to snuggle with me, but her focus has been on keeping my brother and sister busy and happy! She’s been incredible!

Lainey and I have had lots of good moments together. I think we’re going to be good friends.

Mommy and Daddy claim that my days and nights are mixed up. I feel very well rested, but Mommy and Daddy don’t seem to feel the same way. This means that we get in naps together as often as possible!

When Mommy feeds me, my brother and sister find it important to be as close as possible.

Wrestling appears to help the process.

Henry also wants to help by climbing on Mommy, or by (once again) poking my eyes out.

And when Henry is told that his actions aren’t appreciated, he doesn’t take too kindly to it.

When the feeding is done, Lainey gets to hold me (which is what she’s patiently been waiting for).

Once Mommy needs to get something done, I have to go into my cage of protection.

It’s only a matter of time until Henry figures out how to get to me.

Hopefully he can be patient until I’m big enough to play!

Mommy makes sure to set aside special time to play with Henry since I refuse to play with him just yet.

I had my first bath today. I didn’t love every moment, but overall, I did okay.

Lainey, Henry, and Carly came to oversee my bath.

Done with my bath. What in the world just happened?

Squeaky clean!

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