A Walk to the Post Office (Part Two)

Story told by: Henry

We like taking walks to the post office when the weather is nice. Mommy and Lainey used to do this quite a bit.

Today Mommy documented our walk together. As you’ll see, I take the intensity of our walk up a notch.

Here we go!

Sidewalks mean nothing to me. As soon as I get a chance, I create my own path!

Let’s see what we can find over here.

Oh, darn. Leave it to Mom to ruin my fun.

Okay, we’re back on track. Let’s go!

But first let’s check out this part of the yard.

Ugh. Mom.

Okay, made it back to the sidewalk, but…

Now we’re going the wrong direction.

Okay, we’re back on track.

Lainey leads the way by flying like Dumbo (according to her).

While she flies, I take a detour to wave at a truck. A parked truck.

Okay, we’re getting a few steps closer.

But first let me inspect this car.

No, Mommy? Okay, I’ll keep going.

Surely you’ll understand, though, that I must check out this car.

Okay, I’m focused again. Here we go.

Or we could turn around to check out what’s in the street.

A house? Sure, let’s find out more!

Mom, aren’t you enjoying this as much as I am?

We’ve finally made it the one block to the post office parking lot, and what do you know…there’s a TRUCK!!

Okay, okay, I’m going.

Entering the post office in the most efficient way possible.

We emptied out our mailbox, and…

…we’re headed out the door!

Before we headed home, we went to get some energy out at the park.

Lainey chose to use the sidewalk, while I (of course) forged my own path.

Lainey immediately went to hide so we could find her.

Do you think we should tell her that we could see her the entire time?

We found you!

She loves hide and seek!

What’s this little treasure I found?

A stick!

And a leaf!

Look at this! Someone left a colorful toy in their yard for me.

What? That toy isn’t for me? Well that’s just ridiculous.

After we left the park, we cut back through the post office parking lot to head home.

And the truck was still there!!!!

Okay, just one block until we’re home!

Let’s make sure the house is still doing okay.

And this car.

And that car.

I refused to walk on the sidewalk (and when Mommy tried to hold my hand I threw myself onto the ground), so Mommy carried me most of the way home. I was not happy. Let me roam!

We made it to our yard!

Down our sidewalk…

…around the corner…

…and to the back door! We made it! Mommy seemed a little worn out, and mentioned something about being grateful for a double stroller for this summer. We’ll see about that. If a sidewalk doesn’t constrain me, I’d like to see her get me in a stroller!

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