Picnic with Daddy

Story told by: Henry

We’re about to become a family of five next week, so we wanted to have a special outing with just the four of us! Daddy met us at the park on his lunch break for a picnic and play time.

I insisted on riding on the dinosaur right off the bat!

Daddy helped me to bounce. I loved it!

I handled this big-kid slide like a champ!

And Lainey went on the extra-big-kid slide.

She was moving so quickly at the end of the slide that she had to dismount with a run. She loved it!

We tried the teeter-totter, but I was much more interested in the construction happening at the pool, so I stayed on this toy for all of five seconds.

We attempted to get a picture with Daddy. (Mommy obviously doesn’t realize that we would much rather be playing on the playground, so we weren’t very cooperative.)

Lainey insisted on only the goofiest of smiles.

After playing for a bit, we went to have a delicious picnic lunch.

It was a gorgeous day to play with Daddy. (And isn’t Lainey one big goofball?!) Thanks for meeting us Daddy!

Park Time

Story told by: Lainey

We’ve had some great weather lately, so we’ve been heading to the park quite a bit. Mommy doesn’t get pictures all of the time because Henry is a little crazy, but she managed to capture some moments today.

After dance class today, we met some friends at the park to enjoy the beautiful weather!

Ivy, Nora, and I love climbing!

Henry and Claire joined in on the fun as well!

The merry-go-round was Henry’s favorite toy.

I didn’t want to deprive Ivy of any fun, so I let her push me on the merry-go-round.

I’m much more adventurous this summer. I’m climbing a lot!

And Henry puts me to shame with his climbing. This kid is crazy!

Henry and I had fun riding the animals together.

Henry tried his hand at digging, but the handles were a little too heavy for him. Maybe next summer buddy!

We ended our time with our friends by having a yummy picnic! I’m loving these warm days!

We also got some pictures of our time at the Colton school playground yesterday. This playground is close to our house, so we’ve been walking there quite a bit!

I’ve really enjoyed swinging lately!

I’m learning how to pump my legs so I can propel myself.

And while I swing, Henry loves playing in the gravel (and occasionally sneaking a few bites).

Henry has been very interested in bringing handfuls of rocks to Mommy.

He insists that she holds them.

What a special gift! Here’s to lots more rock collecting this summer!

A Walk to the Post Office (Part Two)

Story told by: Henry

We like taking walks to the post office when the weather is nice. Mommy and Lainey used to do this quite a bit.

Today Mommy documented our walk together. As you’ll see, I take the intensity of our walk up a notch.

Here we go!

Sidewalks mean nothing to me. As soon as I get a chance, I create my own path!

Let’s see what we can find over here.

Oh, darn. Leave it to Mom to ruin my fun.

Okay, we’re back on track. Let’s go!

But first let’s check out this part of the yard.

Ugh. Mom.

Okay, made it back to the sidewalk, but…

Now we’re going the wrong direction.

Okay, we’re back on track.

Lainey leads the way by flying like Dumbo (according to her).

While she flies, I take a detour to wave at a truck. A parked truck.

Okay, we’re getting a few steps closer.

But first let me inspect this car.

No, Mommy? Okay, I’ll keep going.

Surely you’ll understand, though, that I must check out this car.

Okay, I’m focused again. Here we go.

Or we could turn around to check out what’s in the street.

A house? Sure, let’s find out more!

Mom, aren’t you enjoying this as much as I am?

We’ve finally made it the one block to the post office parking lot, and what do you know…there’s a TRUCK!!

Okay, okay, I’m going.

Entering the post office in the most efficient way possible.

We emptied out our mailbox, and…

…we’re headed out the door!

Before we headed home, we went to get some energy out at the park.

Lainey chose to use the sidewalk, while I (of course) forged my own path.

Lainey immediately went to hide so we could find her.

Do you think we should tell her that we could see her the entire time?

We found you!

She loves hide and seek!

What’s this little treasure I found?

A stick!

And a leaf!

Look at this! Someone left a colorful toy in their yard for me.

What? That toy isn’t for me? Well that’s just ridiculous.

After we left the park, we cut back through the post office parking lot to head home.

And the truck was still there!!!!

Okay, just one block until we’re home!

Let’s make sure the house is still doing okay.

And this car.

And that car.

I refused to walk on the sidewalk (and when Mommy tried to hold my hand I threw myself onto the ground), so Mommy carried me most of the way home. I was not happy. Let me roam!

We made it to our yard!

Down our sidewalk…

…around the corner…

…and to the back door! We made it! Mommy seemed a little worn out, and mentioned something about being grateful for a double stroller for this summer. We’ll see about that. If a sidewalk doesn’t constrain me, I’d like to see her get me in a stroller!

Videos of Some Cute Kids

Story told by: Henry

Not that I’m biased, but I think Lainey and I are pretty darn cute! Mommy caught a couple of videos of us in the last few days.

In this video, Lainey sings part of a song from Daddy’s favorite band, Switchfoot. The outfit definitely enhances the experience.

In this video, I’m in my happy place – the couch with books. I love making animal sounds, and I’ve really started getting interested in reading books (although you’ll see that the occasional nibble still happens).

A Day with the Doctors

Story told by: Lainey

I had a day with the doctors today for my check-ups! I started out the morning at Dr. Fisher’s office to get my teeth checked and cleaned.

I got my shades on, and was ready to go with Amber, the dental hygienist.

I had my teeth polished for the first time. I did really well with the loud noise in my mouth.

She also scraped some of the tartar off my teeth.

Dr. Fisher is actually out of the office this week, but Amber gave me her seal of approval. I have some healthy chompers! I got to get a prize and a new toothbrush before I left the office.

This afternoon I went to Dr. Mike’s office for my three-year-old checkup. I’m in the 85th percentile for both height and weight.

I had lots of fun visiting with Dr. Mike. He said I’m a very healthy girl! The best part of this visit was that I didn’t have to get any shots. That made me very happy!

After a day full of doctors’ visits, we met Daddy for an ice cream treat.

I’m one happy, healthy three-year-old!

Easter, 2015

Story told by: Henry

Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunny came last night! Lainey woke up by saying that she heard him hopping around last night.

Lainey was so excited to see her Easter basket!

She was literally jumping for joy when she saw what was waiting for her.

While Lainey opened her presents, I ate my breakfast. A man has to eat.

The Easter Bunny brought Daddy some goodies as well!

Since I couldn’t be deterred from my food, Daddy helped me open my presents.

Once I was done eating, though, I couldn’t wait to read my new book about animals. At the moment, most animals say, “Quack, quack.”

Lainey loved playing with her Minnie Mouse from Grandma and Grandpa.

She even got out her pom poms to cheer along.

After we played with our new toys for a bit, we got ready for church. Before leaving, we first took some pictures of us in our Easter outfits.

Lainey has been talking about her Easter dress and sparkly shoes all week long. She was thrilled to be wearing her fancy clothes!

We did have some cute pictures, but we also had lots of pictures like this one. I just didn’t feel like sitting still.




On our way to church to praise God that Jesus has risen! What a great gift!

After church, we came home to have a family day together! We decided to do a non-traditional Easter dinner this year. We made basil burgers with sun-dried tomato mayonnaise, grilled vegetables, and fries. So yummy!

Mommy and Lainey worked very hard to make this lemon blueberry cake for dessert.

It was delicious (or at least that’s what everyone else thought). I took one bite and threw it on the floor. Not my favorite, but I still appreciate the work that Mommy and Lainey put in to it. Happy Easter everyone! Can’t wait to celebrate Easter with my little brother next year!

Eggs (plus a little extra)!

Story told by: Lainey

We’ve had a weekend filled with eggs! On Friday night, we started by dyeing Easter eggs.

I wanted to take the egg out as soon as I dipped it in the dye, but Mommy convinced me to leave it in a little longer so I would get some bright colors. I tried to wait as patiently as I could.

Henry and Daddy also dyed some eggs. Henry made it a little more challenging, but Daddy was a champ!

As the eggs came out of the dye, we had to wait for them to dry.

Once the eggs were dry, we got to add stickers.

I was very proud of our eggs! I couldn’t wait to eat them because I thought there was candy hidden inside. Mommy explained to me that we had to wait until the Easter egg hunt the next day to get the eggs with treats inside.

On Saturday morning, we went to the Pullman Easter egg hunt. We tried to get some pictures, but Henry was a little distracted.

Neither of us were really ready for pictures. I was making silly faces (while Henry continued to wander around in the background).

Both of our egg hunts started at 10:00, but the one-year-olds and three-year-olds were in different areas. Daddy was going to stay with Henry and Mommy was going to come with me. Henry is ready to get some eggs!

Before the egg hunt started, Daddy and Henry had time to check out the fire truck.

He even sat up in the truck. Brave boy!

They also got a sticker from Slinky the Clown.

Meanwhile, Ivy and I waited patiently for the egg hunt to start. We were so excited!!

We had time to scout out which eggs we were going to grab first.

As soon as the announcer said, “Go,” we took off at a run!

Meanwhile Henry and Daddy were getting lots of eggs as well!

After the eggs were collected, Ivy and I came running back to show everyone our buckets.

So many eggs!

We went to find Daddy and Henry, and once we found them, we went through our eggs to take out the yummy treats and prizes inside.

After we returned the eggs (but kept the yummy candy of course), we walked up to Mirabel’s house where we had our annual post-Easter-egg-hunt brunch. It was delicious, and I loved playing with my friends!

After our naps that afternoon, the weather was nice enough for me to try out my scooter that Great Grandma and Great Grandpa gave me for my birthday.

It was a little tricky to figure out at first, but I was starting to get the hang of it.

We went down to the playground to play for a bit.

Henry had to ride on Daddy’s shoulders because Henry absolutely refuses to stay on the sidewalk. He is slightly crazy!

Daddy and I practiced our balancing.

Henry tried to climb on anything and everything.

After Daddy and I spent some time swinging, we headed back home. We had to have dinner, take a bath, and get ready for bed because the Easter Bunny was coming!!