A Day with the Princesses

Story told by: Lainey

The princesses left their castles today to come visit kids in Pullman!

I was absolutely thrilled to wear my favorite princess outfit and have a special day with Mommy!

In anticipation of visiting the princesses, I squealed with delight all morning long. I couldn’t contain my excitement!

When I first arrived, I got to have tea and snacks with Snow White and Elsa. SNOW WHITE AND ELSA!!!!!

I was pretty shy with the princesses because I simply couldn’t believe this was happening!

My friend, Katelyn, also dressed up as Snow White!

Next I went to get a picture with Ariel. She had to get back to the ocean soon, so we only got to visit for a brief moment.

After my visit with Ariel, I went to decorate cookies with Mulan. I could barely manage to get a few sprinkles on my first cookie before I needed to eat it.

Mulan helped me to decorate the rest of my cookies while I chowed down. She was really nice and helpful.

Lucy and Nora were also there decorating cookies with me.

My friend, Ivy, joined us to eat cookies, and Anna came to visit. Can you believe I was eating cookies with Anna?!

We went straight from eating cookies to eating ice cream. These princesses sure know how to party!

After ice cream, Jasmine helped me to decorate a picture frame.

Anna did some dancing with us, which was right up my alley!

One of my best buddies.

We ended the day by watching “Frozen” and eating popcorn. It was such a magical time with some of my favorite princesses! I’m so glad they could come visit!! (On the way home, though, I did note that Prince Charming wasn’t there. Maybe he’ll come next time!) Have a safe trip home!

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