A Wonderful Week

Story told by: Henry

We’ve had a fun week full of a variety of events!

Lainey and I became roommates!

Our first several nights have gone really well! I do enjoy waking Lainey up bright and early, but we’ve been sleeping through the night!

I’ve been having an extremely tough time getting two of my bottom molars in. Mommy was thrilled to capture some happy moments in the midst of my discomfort.

Lainey wanted to get in on the silly faces as well! (Notice the bruise on her forehead. It came from falling face-first off of the toilet. She definitely has Mommy’s gracefulness.)

Reading/eating books has really helped me to feel better. Unfortunately Mommy ruins all of my fun when she won’t let me eat them as much as I’d prefer.

Lainey wrote a song this week titled, “Kids Go Poopy.”

It was 72 degrees today, so we met some friends at the park!

We got to go feed the ducks! While the older kids gave them food, I made sure to repeatedly yell, “Quack! Quack!” Just doing my part.

I did my very best to climb the toys like the older kids. I got stuck quite often, but that didn’t stop me from trying.

I also made sure to eat my fair share of dirt.

Lainey and I also got lots of energy out by running around the fields!

To continue enjoying the weather, we went to the WSU baseball game tonight! I loved it!

I did my very best to say, “Go Cougs!” I’ve got to support my team!

Ivy and her family joined us for the game!

Lainey devoured a large hot dog. I hear that yummy food is one great part about a baseball game!

Lainey and Ivy also made a dent in the bucket of popcorn while enjoying the game.

Eating popcorn didn’t get in the way of them cheering on the Cougs, though!

We had a good crew of friends at the game. Go Cougs!

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