A Week with Grandma and Debbie

Story told by: Lainey

Grandma and Debbie flew from Illinois to spend the last week with us. It was so much fun!

After they got to participate in my birthday party (of which I’ve already posted lots of pictures), we went to La Casa Lopez to celebrate Mommy’s 30th birthday. I was mesmerized when everyone came to sing “Happy Birthday” to her.

Grandma and Debbie often slept in MUCH too late for our liking. (Why don’t they want to get up at 6 a.m. with us?!) So we made sure to play with the loudest toys possible as they slept downstairs below us. We wouldn’t want them getting too much sleep.

As soon as they woke up, they didn’t have a moment to rest because we wanted to cuddle and play.

We also had lots of projects and activities to do. Grandma helped me paint a fun art project that Aunt Elisa and Uncle Matt sent me for my birthday!

We let it dry overnight, and look at what appeared when we took the tape off the next day. So fun! (I recognized the letter “L,” but I’m still working on the rest.) Thanks Aunt Elisa and Uncle Matt!

We kept them busy with parades.

We went around and around and around.

They also took us outside several times. This was great because Mommy could make dinner in peace, and we could get all of our energy out!

They got to come cheer me on at dance class.

I made sure to do some extra pretty dancing for them.

As we were leaving dance class, I was very grateful for my friend, Ivy, who kept me nice and dry with her umbrella.

After dance class, we made sure to make a stop at Ferdinand’s for some delicious ice cream!

We did occasionally take naps, which gave Mommy, Debbie, and Grandma some relaxation time. One day they played Rummikub, which is a favorite!

We did lots of reading!

I got Candy Land for my birthday, so Grandma taught me how to play. I wanted to create my own rules, but Grandma kept me in line. I won, which made it even more fun!

Every night I insisted that only Grandma and Debbie could put me to bed. Mommy and Daddy got to kick back and relax during this time (about which I definitely didn’t hear them complaining).

Look! Grandma and I got matching socks! One evening Grandma and Debbie took me on a special date to Cougar Country and the Dollar Store. (Henry was going to go, but he caught the stomach bug I had right before Grandma and Debbie arrived.) I got to pick out whatever I wanted at the Dollar Store. So fun! I made sure to get socks just like Grandma.

After a fun-filled week, it was time for Grandma and Debbie to leave. I made sure to pick out a beautiful outfit for the trip to the airport.

We got lots of pictures before we started our drive! Unfortunately Mommy caught the stomach bug that Henry and I had, so Daddy was nice enough to take the day off of work to make the drive to the airport.

Henry was one happy guy on the way to the airport. Once we got to the airport, I cried quite a bit because I didn’t want them to leave. I had so much fun with them! I won’t see Debbie for awhile, but I’m excited to see Grandma and Grandpa in May once my new baby brother is born!

(A couple of hours after Grandma got home from the airport, the stomach bug that had been tearing through our family hit her. Even though she was pretty miserable, she said it was still worth it to come visit. Thanks for being a trooper, Grandma!)

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