Baby Showers

Story told by: Lainey

Mommy has had two wonderful baby showers in the last two weeks!

When we were in Tacoma last weekend, Daddy’s side of the family had a joint baby shower for Mommy, Alicia, and Carrie (Daddy’s cousins) at Aunt Lucretia’s house. Alicia had a baby boy a few weeks ago, and Carrie had a baby girl in January.

A great group of ladies came to the party! Henry and I were there, too, but we were outside playing with Uncle Steve for most of the party.

Mommy (and my new baby brother) were given lots of wonderful gifts. One of the gifts was this beautiful quilt from Aunt Tina. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Robinson Baby #3!

Mommy at 30 weeks with my little brother.

Mommy had her second shower in Pullman yesterday. Grandma and Debbie were able to attend, which was very special.

One of Mommy’s good friends, Jenny, hosted the shower at her house. She had Tiger Cake, which is Mommy’s favorite cake in the world!

Lots of Mommy’s good friends came to the party.

Jenny called this a baby shower for essentials, so there were lots of diapers, wipes, and burp cloths. That is absolutely perfect!

Thank you to Jenny for a great shower! We’re feeling ready for another baby in this family. Just about seven weeks until he arrives!

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