A Day with the Princesses

Story told by: Lainey

The princesses left their castles today to come visit kids in Pullman!

I was absolutely thrilled to wear my favorite princess outfit and have a special day with Mommy!

In anticipation of visiting the princesses, I squealed with delight all morning long. I couldn’t contain my excitement!

When I first arrived, I got to have tea and snacks with Snow White and Elsa. SNOW WHITE AND ELSA!!!!!

I was pretty shy with the princesses because I simply couldn’t believe this was happening!

My friend, Katelyn, also dressed up as Snow White!

Next I went to get a picture with Ariel. She had to get back to the ocean soon, so we only got to visit for a brief moment.

After my visit with Ariel, I went to decorate cookies with Mulan. I could barely manage to get a few sprinkles on my first cookie before I needed to eat it.

Mulan helped me to decorate the rest of my cookies while I chowed down. She was really nice and helpful.

Lucy and Nora were also there decorating cookies with me.

My friend, Ivy, joined us to eat cookies, and Anna came to visit. Can you believe I was eating cookies with Anna?!

We went straight from eating cookies to eating ice cream. These princesses sure know how to party!

After ice cream, Jasmine helped me to decorate a picture frame.

Anna did some dancing with us, which was right up my alley!

One of my best buddies.

We ended the day by watching “Frozen” and eating popcorn. It was such a magical time with some of my favorite princesses! I’m so glad they could come visit!! (On the way home, though, I did note that Prince Charming wasn’t there. Maybe he’ll come next time!) Have a safe trip home!

A Wonderful Week

Story told by: Henry

We’ve had a fun week full of a variety of events!

Lainey and I became roommates!

Our first several nights have gone really well! I do enjoy waking Lainey up bright and early, but we’ve been sleeping through the night!

I’ve been having an extremely tough time getting two of my bottom molars in. Mommy was thrilled to capture some happy moments in the midst of my discomfort.

Lainey wanted to get in on the silly faces as well! (Notice the bruise on her forehead. It came from falling face-first off of the toilet. She definitely has Mommy’s gracefulness.)

Reading/eating books has really helped me to feel better. Unfortunately Mommy ruins all of my fun when she won’t let me eat them as much as I’d prefer.

Lainey wrote a song this week titled, “Kids Go Poopy.”

It was 72 degrees today, so we met some friends at the park!

We got to go feed the ducks! While the older kids gave them food, I made sure to repeatedly yell, “Quack! Quack!” Just doing my part.

I did my very best to climb the toys like the older kids. I got stuck quite often, but that didn’t stop me from trying.

I also made sure to eat my fair share of dirt.

Lainey and I also got lots of energy out by running around the fields!

To continue enjoying the weather, we went to the WSU baseball game tonight! I loved it!

I did my very best to say, “Go Cougs!” I’ve got to support my team!

Ivy and her family joined us for the game!

Lainey devoured a large hot dog. I hear that yummy food is one great part about a baseball game!

Lainey and Ivy also made a dent in the bucket of popcorn while enjoying the game.

Eating popcorn didn’t get in the way of them cheering on the Cougs, though!

We had a good crew of friends at the game. Go Cougs!

My Princess Castle

Story told by: Lainey

Grandma and Grandpa got me a princess castle for my birthday. I. LOVE. IT. Seriously. So much. I play with it almost every moment of the day. I am really getting into pretending, which means that my princesses go on lots of fun adventures. Daddy caught a couple of brief videos of my reaction to this castle.

A Week with Grandma and Debbie

Story told by: Lainey

Grandma and Debbie flew from Illinois to spend the last week with us. It was so much fun!

After they got to participate in my birthday party (of which I’ve already posted lots of pictures), we went to La Casa Lopez to celebrate Mommy’s 30th birthday. I was mesmerized when everyone came to sing “Happy Birthday” to her.

Grandma and Debbie often slept in MUCH too late for our liking. (Why don’t they want to get up at 6 a.m. with us?!) So we made sure to play with the loudest toys possible as they slept downstairs below us. We wouldn’t want them getting too much sleep.

As soon as they woke up, they didn’t have a moment to rest because we wanted to cuddle and play.

We also had lots of projects and activities to do. Grandma helped me paint a fun art project that Aunt Elisa and Uncle Matt sent me for my birthday!

We let it dry overnight, and look at what appeared when we took the tape off the next day. So fun! (I recognized the letter “L,” but I’m still working on the rest.) Thanks Aunt Elisa and Uncle Matt!

We kept them busy with parades.

We went around and around and around.

They also took us outside several times. This was great because Mommy could make dinner in peace, and we could get all of our energy out!

They got to come cheer me on at dance class.

I made sure to do some extra pretty dancing for them.

As we were leaving dance class, I was very grateful for my friend, Ivy, who kept me nice and dry with her umbrella.

After dance class, we made sure to make a stop at Ferdinand’s for some delicious ice cream!

We did occasionally take naps, which gave Mommy, Debbie, and Grandma some relaxation time. One day they played Rummikub, which is a favorite!

We did lots of reading!

I got Candy Land for my birthday, so Grandma taught me how to play. I wanted to create my own rules, but Grandma kept me in line. I won, which made it even more fun!

Every night I insisted that only Grandma and Debbie could put me to bed. Mommy and Daddy got to kick back and relax during this time (about which I definitely didn’t hear them complaining).

Look! Grandma and I got matching socks! One evening Grandma and Debbie took me on a special date to Cougar Country and the Dollar Store. (Henry was going to go, but he caught the stomach bug I had right before Grandma and Debbie arrived.) I got to pick out whatever I wanted at the Dollar Store. So fun! I made sure to get socks just like Grandma.

After a fun-filled week, it was time for Grandma and Debbie to leave. I made sure to pick out a beautiful outfit for the trip to the airport.

We got lots of pictures before we started our drive! Unfortunately Mommy caught the stomach bug that Henry and I had, so Daddy was nice enough to take the day off of work to make the drive to the airport.

Henry was one happy guy on the way to the airport. Once we got to the airport, I cried quite a bit because I didn’t want them to leave. I had so much fun with them! I won’t see Debbie for awhile, but I’m excited to see Grandma and Grandpa in May once my new baby brother is born!

(A couple of hours after Grandma got home from the airport, the stomach bug that had been tearing through our family hit her. Even though she was pretty miserable, she said it was still worth it to come visit. Thanks for being a trooper, Grandma!)

Baby Showers

Story told by: Lainey

Mommy has had two wonderful baby showers in the last two weeks!

When we were in Tacoma last weekend, Daddy’s side of the family had a joint baby shower for Mommy, Alicia, and Carrie (Daddy’s cousins) at Aunt Lucretia’s house. Alicia had a baby boy a few weeks ago, and Carrie had a baby girl in January.

A great group of ladies came to the party! Henry and I were there, too, but we were outside playing with Uncle Steve for most of the party.

Mommy (and my new baby brother) were given lots of wonderful gifts. One of the gifts was this beautiful quilt from Aunt Tina. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Robinson Baby #3!

Mommy at 30 weeks with my little brother.

Mommy had her second shower in Pullman yesterday. Grandma and Debbie were able to attend, which was very special.

One of Mommy’s good friends, Jenny, hosted the shower at her house. She had Tiger Cake, which is Mommy’s favorite cake in the world!

Lots of Mommy’s good friends came to the party.

Jenny called this a baby shower for essentials, so there were lots of diapers, wipes, and burp cloths. That is absolutely perfect!

Thank you to Jenny for a great shower! We’re feeling ready for another baby in this family. Just about seven weeks until he arrives!

My Third Birthday Party

Story told by: Lainey

I had my third birthday party today! (It was also Mommy’s 30th birthday. I told her that it could be her birthday after my party was done.) I invited all of my friends my age to celebrate in the fun with me.


The theme of the party was “Pancakes and Pajamas.” We had lots of breakfast food (including wonderful pancakes made by Daddy).




Mommy made eggs and bacon out of white chocolate, m&ms, and pretzels. Yum!


Cinnamon roll cupcakes!


Before the party started, I admired the gifts that had already accumulated from my family.


Daddy started on the pancakes!


While I waited for Daddy, I stayed busy with my American Girl catalog.


I also tested out the coloring sheet placemats for the party.



I also modeled my party pajamas. All of my guests were also coming in their PJs. So exciting!


Grandma came to visit a couple of days ago, so I’m thrilled she could be here for my party! She wasn’t going to wear her PJs for the party, but after some work, I convinced her to do it!


Debbie also came out for the week with Grandma! They were champs at helping prepare for my party.


Hazel and her mommy were the first guests to arrive. They had matching PJs, so they won the award for cuteness!


When everyone else arrived, they started enjoying the delicious food.




Hailey had some whipped cream with a pancake buried under there somewhere.






Daisy and Kylie brought their new little brothers (Wiley and Kasen).


As people finished their food, there were some activities for everyone. They could make fruit loop necklaces.


Kylie’s necklace was the perfect accessory to her Elsa PJs.


Daisy made a necklace, but wanted her mommy to wear it. Looks great!


There was also lots of coloring!



We had a doughnut-eating game where you were supposed to try to get a doughnut to fall off of the string without using your hands. Troy modeled for us. It turned out to be tricky for him to get it off of the string, so we decided to let all of the younger kids use their hands.


I took one bite of my doughnut, and then simply pulled it right through the string. Voila!


Kylie and Nora did great with this game, but Joseph didn’t want to participate…he simply wanted to eat a doughnut without all of the fuss.

We got a group picture with the party crew! It was fun to see everyone’s PJs.


Then it was time to open presents. I sure felt loved with all of these wonderful gifts!





After presents, everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to me.


It was tough to blow out three candles, but I made it happen! Everyone got to enjoy these delicious cinnamon roll cupcakes!


After cupcakes, it was time for my guests to leave. I had special treats for them to bring home.


I’m so grateful to all of my friends that attended my party. Thanks for kicking off my third year with me!

My Third Birthday

Story told by: Lainey

I turned three years old today!

Lainey's 3rd Birthday

We’re at Na Na and Ba Ba’s house in Tacoma for the weekend. I woke up to some fun decorations!

Lainey's 3rd Birthday

Mommy surprised me with Frozen cereal that I’ve been asking for at the store for the last two months. I was so excited!

Lainey's 3rd Birthday

What a great way to start my third year!

Lainey's 3rd Birthday

After church with Na Na and Ba Ba, we came home to have lunch and enjoy the weather before naps. I was a big help with watering.

Lainey's 3rd Birthday

We could sure get used to the sun!

Lainey's 3rd Birthday

While I was napping, Na Na worked on my beautiful birthday cake. I requested chocolate, so Na Na made it happen!

As soon as I woke up, I got to open presents (finally!).

I didn’t need any help with opening presents. I was a pro!

My favorite gift of the day had to be this amazing princess dress! Thank you Na Na and Ba Ba for this perfect present!

Don’t I look beautiful?!

Then we called Grandma and Grandpa so I could open my present from them. (I’ll have more presents to open from them when Grandma comes to my house next week.)

It was the movie “Big Hero 6!” Thanks Grandma and Grandpa. I can’t wait to watch it with you!

After we opened presents, we went outside to play for a bit. (I naturally had to wear my princess dress.)

We brought out some of my birthday balloons.

If you can’t tell, I’m having an amazing day! I wish it was my birthday every day!

We went out to dinner at Five Guys so I could have french fries (my favorite food). We started with peanuts, so I popped an entire peanut (shell and all) into my mouth. Not so good. Na Na showed me how to do it correctly.

Henry and I had grilled cheese and french fries. Everyone else was unclear on what exactly they were ordering, so they all ended up with double cheeseburgers. Woah! They were huge!

And they were unaware of the size of the fries as well, so they went quite overboard. We brought home half of a large bag of fries. Hopefully Na Na can put them to good use!

After dinner we came home to eat some cake and ice cream! Everyone started by singing “Happy Birthday” to me.

I blew out the first candle pretty easily.

The next two proved to be a little more difficult.

This final blow put out the candles, which means it was finally time to eat!

Most people were too full to eat, but I know I can always count on Daddy to be my eating buddy! Thanks for always being there for me!

We finished the cake and ice cream off with some party blowers. After putting on PJs and brushing my teeth, I ended my day with watching a little bit of “Big Hero 6.” Thank you to everyone for such a special third birthday. I’m already looking forward to when I turn four!