Fun in January

Story told by: Lainey

We’ve had a fun month of January!

The Seahawks are headed to the Super Bowl, and we’re thrilled! (Henry was so excited he was doing backflips. Silly guy.)

I’ve been busy with lots of coloring and drawing.

I’m perfecting my people-drawing skills.

Mommy and I are also learning a different letter each week. This week is the letter “I,” so we had fun building it out of blocks.

While Mommy and I learn my letters, Henry plays with princes crowns, headbands, and bracelets. (Oh, the life of a little brother with a big sister.)

We took a trip to Home Depot last night, and Henry could finally join me in the car cart. We loved it!

Henry and I have also had fun sitting in our new chairs from Santa. Henry doesn’t stay put for very long, but I’m sure he’ll soon get the hang of it.

We’ve had some record-breaking warm weather, so we’ve taken advantage of it by getting outside.

Henry joined me on the teeter totter for a bit.

Thank goodness Daddy was there to help! Henry kept trying to wiggle off the seat.

He was much more comfortable on the ground eating gravel.

January, 2014

Henry also tried out the swings with Daddy, but he really seemed to prefer eating gravel.

I’m still taking dance, and I love it! Mommy thought I looked a bit like an 80’s aerobic instructor with this headband. I’m not sure what that is, but I know I looked cute!

January, 2014

Henry and I are also still taking swim lessons. Last week my friend, Ivy, and I showed up in matching suits and goggles. We thought that was pretty neat!

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