My First Cougar Basketball Game

Story told by: Henry

Tonight I went to my first Cougar basketball game!


Lainey was excited to see the cheerleaders and the band, while I was entranced by the basketball game!


Don’t bother me, Mom. I’m busy.


I was a good basketball-watching buddy for Daddy.


I did indulge Mommy for one picture, but that was about all I could give. There’s basketball going on!


Lainey joined our group for a few minutes, but then she was off again to climb over seats, poke me in the face, and play with her friend, Natalie.


Smiles with my daddy.


I tried to see if Daddy would break his attention from the game, but he was committed. That’s my kind of guy.


What a fun game. The Cougs beat San Jose State 82-53. Go Cougs!

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