Lewiston Lights, 2014

Story told by: Lainey

Tonight we visited the Lewiston lights! It’s one of my favorite Christmas traditions. Unfortunately it was raining quite a bit, but we’re tough, so we powered through!


I made sure that Henry saw all of the lights.


We attempted a couple of family selfies.



We ran into one of Mommy’s friends there, so she took a picture of our family. (Look at Henry’s face…he thinks looking at lights in the rain is one crazy tradition.)


As time went on, our coats were getting soaked, but we continued to have fun!


Henry seemed to really enjoy letting out belly laughs while watching me. I must admit, I am pretty hilarious.


I was a little nervous at first about being out in the dark, but after ten minutes or so, I was ready to lead the way!


It was fun to have Henry join me in my annual gingerbread men picture. Next year we’ll have three of us in this picture!


After lights, we went to Fazzari’s for some delicious pizza! I inhaled three pieces of pizza!


And so did Henry! This kid will soon be able to eat me under the table! Thanks Mom and Dad for a fun night. Only five more days until Christmas!

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