Santa Claus!

Story told by: Henry

Lainey and I went to go see the infamous Santa Claus and Santa Butch last night! I’d heard a lot about them, so I was pretty excited. Lainey thought she was excited, too, but it turns out she was terrified. As soon as she saw them, she started shaking, hanging on to Daddy, and letting out quite a loud, high-pitched scream. So…I decided I’d do these pictures on my own.


I did pretty well with Santa!


Santa didn’t seem quite as jolly as I would have hoped, but maybe he’d had a long day in his workshop.


I wasn’t too sure about Santa Butch, though. Something just felt a little different.


Then I got a good look at who was holding me.


Yep, not my favorite. I’ll be bigger and braver next year, so we’ll try Santa Butch again!

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