Story told by: Lainey

I’ve been potty training for several days now. One day I simply asked Mommy to buy underwear, and I stopped wearing diapers. While I’ve done pretty well with going pee pee on the potty, pooping on the potty has been another story. I’ve basically been holding it until I’m ready to explode. This morning, though, I went poop on the potty! Mommy told me that as soon as I did that I could get a princess dress, so off to the store we went!


It took awhile for me to pick out my dress (and Henry screaming sure didn’t help my concentration), but I finally picked out a Rapunzel dress. As soon as I got home, I had to check out my beautiful self in the mirror.


Then I proceeded to model while I asked Mommy to take some pictures.


Mommy splurged and bought the wand that goes with the dress. As you can see, it completes my outfit.


One of my favorite things about this dress is that it leaves a trail of glitter wherever I go. (I have no doubt that Mommy loves this just as much as I do.)


Before lunch I asked Mommy to put on some princess music so we could all dance together.


Mommy and Henry are decent dancers, but they’ve got nothing on my moves.


I’m thrilled to be a beautiful princess (who wears underwear)!

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