My First Cougar Football Game

Story told by: Lainey

After several years of Mommy and Daddy going to football games and having ALL of the fun on their own, they finally decided to bring me.


And it was extra special because it was just me (while Henry stayed with Kamryn). I got to wear my best Cougar gear, and Mommy even let me pick out a new barrette for my hair.


I helped Daddy hang the Cougar flag that morning, so I insisted on getting a picture with it.



Family picture before we head to the game. Let’s go!


Once we got to town, we waited 45 minutes for the bus to arrive.


I’ve been talking about riding on the bus all day long. I could barely wait for it!


It was everything I had ever hoped for.


When I got to the stadium, I took it all in. Butch! “Cheederleaders!” Football players! The marching band! So much fun!


Once the game started, I hung out with Mommy for awhile.


Then I moved down with Daddy and ate lots of popcorn. If I get to eat snacks for the entire game, then sign me up for more football games!


It was nice to have Jeff and Jenny come to the game with us.


Jenny helped me to stay nice and warm. I did such a great job at this game. I made it until there were only four minutes left in the fourth quarter. The Cougs won 59-21. I must be a lucky charm for them. Thanks for taking me to a great game Mom and Dad! I can’t wait for more games in the future!

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