Robinson Family Camping Trip, 2014

Story told by: Lainey

We met the extended Robinson family to go camping in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest in the Northern Cascade Range of Washington. We got there on Friday afternoon and left before lunch on Sunday.


Due to some traveling delays caused by a delightful toddler (me) and a sweet, little baby (Henry), we were one of the last families to arrive. That meant that we got some assistance with setting up the tent!


While Na Na and Daddy set up the tent, Henry and I hung out with Ba Ba (while also yelling out some occasional advice to Daddy and Na Na).


Henry’s first camping experience seems to be off to a good start.


Finishing up the tent.


While everyone finished with getting the camp ready, I got to work with some coloring.


The tent is finished. It’s our first time camping with this big tent. It has SO much more room than our tent from the past few years!


Time to get started on dinner.


Henry is just happy to be out of the car. What should have been a five-hour trip became almost an eight-hour trip. Those darn babies just don’t know how to be patient. (I, of course, was a perfect angel for the entire trip.)


After taking a walk with Na Na, we got out the sidewalk chalk. This campground just needed some color!



Molly came to join in on the fun.


Henry went down for a nap, so Mommy, Daddy, and I walked down to explore the river.


We got right to work on filling up the river with rocks.



This is a picture of us early on Saturday morning. Henry and I weren’t too interested in sleeping the night before. After many attempts on our part, we finally ended up in Mommy and Daddy’s bed around 3 a.m. This picture was taken around 5:30 a.m., which is when Mommy and Daddy gave up on sleep and decided that we could leave the tent to greet the day.


We got our clothes on and snuggled for a few more minutes while Mommy and Daddy got dressed.




I ate a few bites of breakfast with Ba Ba, but I wasn’t very interested. There was too much fun to be had!


I convinced Na Na to take a walk with me around the campground while Ba Ba and Daddy introduced Henry to the world of ham radio.


Henry happily hung out with the adults, but I couldn’t be convinced to stop moving. Right after this picture, Mommy walked with me while I rode my bike.


Then we went to join the rest of the family down at the river.


The water was extremely cold, but I had lots of fun dipping my toes in and playing with my bucket.



After playing at the river for awhile, we went back to check on everyone and found Ba Ba sound asleep. He can sleep anywhere at anytime. Impressive.


On Saturday afternoon we had a wedding shower for Uncle Jaron and Tiffany (they’re getting married in October).

DSC03068While the wedding shower was going on, Annika was amazing and hung out with me (and the other kids). We had lots of fun together.


After a fun game, we had s’mores for the wedding shower snack. There was a burn ban in effect, so we used marshmallow creme. It was a fairly decent substitute for toasted marshmallows.


Na Na brought suckers for all of the kids, so I happily took a break to enjoy my treat.


Time for presents.



We made sure to capture a picture of the entire gang (minus Mommy who was taking the picture).

DSC03093We got a picture of Daddy and Uncle Jaron with their cousins.


And finally some pictures of the second generation of cousins with Great Grandma Jackie.


There will be two more kids joining this picture next summer. The more the merrier!



Molly and I are just about the same age, so I especially had fun playing with her this weekend.


Ba Ba and I found some “hair” for him while out on one of our walks.


This is what the rock looked like by Sunday morning. They always say to leave the park better than you found it, so I did my best.


This was the final picture of the trip before we got in the car to drive home. This sums up the fun, messy, dirty, exciting weekend that we had. I was one of the happiest girls this weekend. I can’t wait for more camping next summer!

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