7 a.m. to 10 a.m.

***Mommy likes to record (with pictures) a day in our life every few months. Things have been a little busy lately, so she hasn’t done this yet since Henry was born. She thought she would just start with the hours of 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. She still missed a ton of events during these three hours, but the following post will give you a little glimpse into our morning.***

Story told by: Lainey


It’s 7:00 and I’m eating breakfast. (I’ve been up since 6:30, and Henry woke up at 5 a.m., so he is already down for his first nap of the day.) I asked for cereal and milk, and then when Mommy gave it to me, I started crying.


So I took one bite of breakfast, and decided that I was done. I’m sure I was just stuffed to the brim.


I recovered by finding this “oink” and laying down with him on the bathroom floor. I made sure to put a burp cloth under him in case he spits up.


Now it was time to pick out my hair clips. (It is ESSENTIAL that I pick them out. If Mommy does it, the day is ruined.)


The first step in putting in my pigtails is wetting my hair. Each morning I request to be completely covered in towels so not a drop of water falls on me. If it does, the day is ruined.


“I look pretty.”


Time to brush my teeth.


After I’m ready for the day, Mommy and I get to play with stickers. This has been one of my favorite things to do lately.


After we are done with stickers, Mommy needs to dust. I help her for about two seconds.


Then I’m off to make food for Mommy.


“Mommy, take a picture of baby.”


In the midst of bringing Mommy a delicious meal, I drop a wooden hamburger on my toe. I need to cuddle with Mommy to recover from this.


Then I get frustrated because I can’t smooth my Elmo blanket out perfectly, so Mommy has to help. (Keep in mind that Mommy is still trying to dust. At this point, she hasn’t even finished one room.)


Mommy and I make silly faces at each other.


We go upstairs to the main floor so Mommy can keep dusting. She won’t let me wake up Henry to show him my Elmo blanket, so I start screaming and crying.


While Mommy is dusting near my toys, I am reminded that I need Minnie’s shoes on her at that exact second. Problem is, I can’t put them on myself, so Mommy swoops in to save the day.


“Minnie is a pitty pincess.” (pretty princess)


I ask Mommy to play the soundtrack from Frozen. I dance while Mommy takes a shower. (Mommy says that the term “shower” is used very loosely. It often involves jumping in the shower, spending two minutes in there, and then jumping out to put on clothes, throw her hair up, and move on to the next task at hand. From beginning to end, Mommy is done in less than seven minutes.)





As soon as Mommy steps out of the shower, I declare that I have a “poopy dipey.” We go up to my room to change it.


And this works out perfectly because as soon as my diaper change is done, we go across the hall to get Henry who is up from his nap. Good morning, Henry!


I often climb up on Henry’s crib to say things like, “Wake up, Henry,” or “Hi sweet boy.”


Henry had a “poopy dipey” as well, so Mommy changed that and got him dressed.


It was time for Henry to eat. He demolished his rice cereal.


And then he moved on to his bottle. (In this picture, Henry is tracking me around the room while I dance, yell, do somersaults, etc. Mommy says this makes it difficult for him to focus on eating. I say that I’m just giving him entertainment while eating.)


After Henry is done eating, we’re going to walk to the playground. This means we have to put on sunscreen. I hate this part.


Henry doesn’t mind his sunscreen at all.


Oops…glasses broke. Oh well, I don’t mind.


Oh, wait. Actually I do mind. Quite a bit.


Thanks for fixing the sunglasses Mommy. “Now take a picture of us.”


Right before we walk out the door, Mommy tells me that I need to switch my shoes because I put them on the wrong feet.


Here we come playground! (Notice my winter hat. Even though it’s 82 degrees this morning, I insisted on wearing it.)



When we first got to the playground, I noticed that some other kid had left their stuffed animal puppies. They creeped me out, so I made Mommy move them.


I climbed for awhile.



And I played with rocks for awhile.


We had a plane from one of the local farms fly right over our head.


I started singing “The Wheels on the Bus” when the school bus went by.


On our walk down to the playground, I kept talking about the “horsey,” so we went to see him.


However, I decided that today I was scared of him.


I’m going back to the playground.


After playing for about 40 minutes, Henry got crabby so we had to walk home.


I took my sweet, sweet time (all while pretending to ignore my baby brother screaming in the stroller).


As soon as we got home, Henry fell asleep in his bed.


Mommy had to collect laundry, so I helped out by reading right in the middle of where she needed to be walking.


Once Mommy had gathered up the laundry, I went downstairs to help her put it in the washing machine.


After laundry, we went upstairs for a snack, so I had to wash my hands.


Then I prayed for my food.


Just as I was biting into my snack, the clock hit 10 a.m.

Phew! Only seven and a half hours until Daddy’s home, and nine and a half hours until bed time!

Church Picnic

Story told by: Lainey

Today we had our church picnic at Boyer Park down by the Snake River. It was great!


I took about five bites of real food, and then asked for dessert. This would typically never happen at home, but it was a picnic, so Mommy said, “What the heck…here’s dessert.”


You’d better believe that I downed a cookie and a mini-cupcake in the blink of an eye.


After lunch, we went down to play in the river. It was 95 degrees, so the water felt great!



Mommy and Jenny took a picture right before the baptisms.


After the baptisms were over, we went right back to playing.


I’m never too busy to stop and smell the flowers…and then pick them.


I loved picking up the sand from the bottom of the river to drop down my bathing suit. That made things very interesting when it was time to take off my suit.


Henry hung out with Mommy. He took a nap in the ergo, and Mommy caught a picture of him just as he was starting to wake up.


What a great day at the river. We’ll have to do this again soon!

I Can’t Stop Myself

Story told by: Lainey

I was in timeout today, and Mommy accidentally pressed a button on my toy. I just couldn’t stop myself from dancing along.

Summer Happenings

Story told by: Lainey

We’ve had such a great summer so far! We have some miscellaneous pictures from the last couple of weeks that I insisted that Mommy let me share.


I sure love my little brother.


I spend lots of time mimicking him. I’m sure he’ll always appreciate this.



Henry is starting to move on his own. This is not where Mommy left him, so she came back to quite a surprise.


We met Evan and his mommy at Ferdinand’s. We ate some delicious ice cream, and then watched them make the famous cheese.


After Ferdinand’s we went to the park. Moments before this picture, we were filling each other’s shoes with rocks.


There’s been time to hang out in the pool in the backyard. Stella and I had lots of fun running and jumping into the pool.


I like to demonstrate my flexibility in the pool.


On colder/rainy days, we do crafts. Mommy helped me make a caterpillar.




We’ve had friends come visit Pullman. The two oldest girls in the picture, Cassandra and Daniela, used to be in Mommy’s third grade class (and Mommy even taught Daniela in kindergarten). They moved to Canada a few years ago, but came back to visit. They wanted to meet me and Henry.


I had lots of fun running around with Catalina. She was quite the entertainer.


I can’t get enough of being outside. Stella and I love playing on my play structure.


We met Mya and her parents for the library summer reading finale in the park. It was a concert by a GREAT children’s musician. We loved it, and did lots of dancing.


We managed to get in some family yoga during the event.


Mya and I also gave Henry lots of attention. Since he can’t move, he has no say in any of this.


We got free snow cones at the summer reading finale. My first snow cone!


It was delicious!


Unfortunately it didn’t last long.


So Daddy shared his snow cone with me. What a nice daddy.


We also have many dates with friends at parks. In these pictures, we played with Evan at Klemgard Park. I had no qualms about going down this slide.



Evan was a pro at the climbing wall.


Naturally, I had to prove that I could do it, too. I did pretty darn well!


Evan and I went down this slide at least twenty times.

We’ve had some great moments in the past few weeks, and there are many more to come! We love summer!

Water Park Fun

Story told by: Lainey

We went to the water park in Moscow today to celebrate Troy and Hailey’s birthday. It started off fairly cold and windy, but warmed up as the day went on.


Daddy spent a lot of time playing in the water with me.


I loved this play structure last year, but I wasn’t too sure about it this time. I’m much more wise than my one-year-old self.


Hailey and her daddy, Jeff, had a lot of fun.



I saw how much fun Hailey was having, so I agreed to check things out for a few minutes. I went up, took a picture, got sprayed with water, and immediately left.


I was much more comfortable down in the water!


I’m a fish. I can’t get enough of the pool!!



I didn’t want to stay in the shallow water for long, though. I begged Daddy to take me to the deep water, so I could go under water and practice my swimming. Problem is…I can’t swim yet. Daddy seemed cautious with me, but I told him that he just needs to relax.


Henry needed to take a nap, so Mommy tried pushing him around in the stroller. This is the look she got when she peeked into the stroller to see if he was asleep. Stinker.


The wind had picked up, so I was really cold. Daddy made me get out of the water to warm up a bit. I wasn’t exactly thrilled about this.


I’ll stop crying for watermelon, though.


And after fighting sleep for a LONG time, Henry finally took a nap.

20140719-185759-68279737.jpgAfter warming up, Jeff and Daddy decided to go down the water slide together. We stood at the bottom of the slide to cheer them on. They came flying out!




Then Daddy and I headed over the lazy river. This was my favorite part of the park!


I sat in Daddy’s lap while we went around and around. Daddy said that it is rare to be around me and get a chance to relax, so this was a win-win situation for both of us!


Once Henry woke up from his nap, we let him stick his toes in the water.


He did such a great job!


Next it was time for me to hold Henry, which meant putting him in slightly deeper water. That didn’t go as well.



I’m sure his reaction is only related to the cold water, and has nothing to do with the choke hold I had him in.


We had a fun day at the water park! Once we left to drive home, Henry and I were both asleep within two minutes. We loved it!

Bring on the Rice Cereal

Story told by: Henry

I had my first experience with rice cereal today. I did a great job, so soon I’ll be ready for real food. Bring on the steak!