Sometimes You Just Have to Dance

Story told by: Lainey

When Henry naps, I love to dance. Today I had my tutu on, so the conditions were just right for some extra special dancing.

Several things to note:

1. At the beginning, Mommy was clearly in my way so I said, “Mommy, move, move…I’m dancing.” Despite Mommy and Daddy desperately working on getting me to say “excuse me,” I just really feel that “move” has a much greater impact.

2. My green glasses are a much-needed dancing accessory.

3. At the end I am quite upset with Mommy for kicking my box of crayons. She fixed it, and I recovered.

All Smiles!

Story told by: Henry

When I’m not dousing my mommy in spit-up or pooping all over Daddy, I like to smile. A lot.






And for the record, Mommy put me down in the middle of this play mat. I’m moving all over the place!

Morning Walk with Friends

Story told by: Lainey

One of my favorite parts of summer is getting to walk with Lucy and Nora! We had our first walk of the summer last Friday!


We met pretty early in the morning, so it was still a little chilly.


I’m trying to make a fashion statement.


After we were pushed in the stroller for a bit, it was finally time for us to get out and stretch our legs!


I sure love these girls.



We ended our day with a great dance session.


I look forward to many more walks with these girls this summer!

A Fun Day in Walla Walla

Story told by: Lainey

Mommy, Henry, and I went to Walla Walla last Thursday to meet Mommy’s friend, Haley, and her daughter, Stella. Mommy and Haley have been friends since middle school (which has been about 16 years now). Haley still lives in La Grande, so Walla Walla was kind of a nice halfway meeting point for us.


We got to the park a few minutes early, and I could barely wait to get out there and play. Mommy insisted on putting sunscreen on me, though. I wouldn’t say I was very patient with that process.


Stella and Haley arrived, and Stella had some sweet smiles for me. She looks EXACTLY like her daddy.


Stella was working hard at putting her entire fist into her mouth. Nice work, Stella.


Mommy and Haley insisted on talking for awhile, but I FINALLY convinced them to come join me on the playground.



Mommy wanted to get come cute pictures of the babies.


She managed to get one before I insisted on being in the picture as well. Why would anyone ever want a picture that I wasn’t in?!



Mommy and Haley


After we were done at the playground, we went to check out the bird zoo on the other side of the park.


He was looking at me!



After the park, we headed to get some yummy pizza! (This is my new “smile” face.)


I had a great time meeting Haley and Stella! Thanks for such a fun day!

My 4-Month Checkup

Story told by: Henry

I’m almost four months old, so I had my checkup with Dr. Mike today.

photo1 (1)

I was all smiles and ready for my appointment!

photo2 (1)

My sister read a magazine while we waited for Dr. Mike to arrive.


And I spent time looking cute. It was tough work!



Dr. Mike said that I am a healthy boy! Here are my measurements:

Height: 26 inches (90th percentile)…Lainey was also 26 inches at this age

Weight: 17 pounds, 14 ounces (greater than 95th percentile)…Lainey was 16 pounds, 6 ounces at this age

Head Circumference: 17 1/2 inches (greater than 95th percentile)…Lainey’s head measured at 17 3/4 inches at this age


Once Dr. Mike was finished with my checkup, he gave Lainey a sticker. What?! I did all of the hard work, and Lainey gets a sticker? Something doesn’t seem quite right here.


I had to get three shots at the end of the appointment. I cried for a bit, but it wasn’t long before I was back to my normal, happy self. I’ll see you in two months Dr. Mike!

Father’s Day, 2014

Story told by: Lainey

We got to celebrate my wonderful, loving, super handsome daddy today!


We woke up to have a delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon, and coffee cake. (Note Daddys’ tired eyes…Henry wanted to be the first to wish him a happy Father’s Day, so he was up at 2:30 a.m. Daddy would probably have been much happier to hear this from Henry around 6 a.m.)


Before we left for church, we got a picture with the VIP of the day. Daddy sure has some cute kids!


After church we went to Thomas Hammer to get a coffee (and some milk for me). My new thing for pictures is to stick out my tongue while smiling. Hey, at least I’m smiling, right?


I sure love talking to my daddy. I always have great stories to tell him.


And he always has great kisses for me.


After coffee, we went to Porch Light Pizza. It was delicious!


After about two bites of pizza, I was done. Then I went to explore the water. And climb on the chairs. And try to run into the street. And go up the ramp. And then down the ramp. And then up it again.



Then I went back to grab a few more bites of pizza.


When we got home, I went to take a nap while Henry hung out with Daddy and watched the World Cup.



Once I woke up from my nap, Daddy and I got to work on mixing up the ingredients for make-your-own ice cream.


We decided to make mint chocolate chip.


Once all the ingredients were in the container (and ice was surrounding the ingredients), we rolled the ball around outside for 30 minutes.



I helped Daddy for a couple of minutes, but then I got distracted.


And even a little more distracted.


So I left Daddy on his own to make his Father’s Day ice cream treat.



It was tough work, but Daddy did a good job!


Then it was time to grill some cream cheese and jalapeno burgers, as well as some corn on the cob!



Henry and I kept Daddy company while he grilled.




After a DELICIOUS dinner, Daddy opened his cards and presents. He got a couple of casual work shirts, and a BBQ cookbook.


After presents, it was finally time for ice cream.


I loved it. A lot!


After dessert, I went to bed while Mommy and Daddy enjoyed a movie. Daddy said he had a great day, which he deserves. Happy Father’s Day, Daddy. I love you so much!

Dance Recital

Story told by: Lainey

I had my first dance recital tonight. I did such a great job (if I don’t mind saying so myself)!


I am one cute bumblebee.


I am fortunate to have a great crew of friends who came to support me!


My fellow bees. (This picture was taken at dress rehearsal last night. Getting a picture of us was similar to herding cats.)


Time to dance!


Mommy and Daddy got a couple of videos. The first one is from dress rehearsal night. I’m in the front row on the far left.

The second video is from the recital. I am in the second row on the far left. I was a little more nervous this time. The curtain opened and all of the people stunned me a little. Mommy and Daddy are really proud of me, though, for continuing to dance even though I was nervous!

You’ll notice my unhappy face right at the end of the video. I could handle tons of people watching me dance, but I wasn’t too thrilled with the curtain.


When I was done dancing, Kimmi had a beautiful flower for me.


And so did Daddy! I would have done this whole dancing thing a long time ago if I knew I would get flowers out of it!


After the rest of the groups danced, it was time for awards. Teacher Brooke had a trophy and a certificate to present to each dancer.


And I got more flowers from Kylie’s grandma. What a lucky night!


Thanks to Brooke for some great months of dancing! I can’t wait to start again in the fall!


Afterwards, we celebrated with frozen yogurt! Flowers AND frozen yogurt?! This may be the best night of my life.


Thanks so much to everyone who came to watch me dance. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of me!!