Family, Family, and More Family!

Story told by Henry

We are lucky to have some great family! Our visit prompted quite the get together. Family members came from Texas and parts of the Midwest for a fun get together!


After we went to Purina Pet Farms on Friday, we took naps and then headed over to Uncle Dave and Aunt Kaye’s house for a fun get together. Lainey loved petting the dog.


Aunt Mary Ellen and Ellen brought presents for me and Lainey (although Lainey opened all of our presents).


A Cardinals hat!!


And glasses!


A full Cardinals outfit! Lainey loved it so much that she had to put it on right away.


Thank you so much for the great clothes (they gave me some great Cardinals clothes as well, but we didn’t get any pictures)!


While we waited for dinner to be done, I hung out with Jennifer. She says she isn’t a kid person, so I did my best to win her over. I’m pretty sure it worked.


I also spent some time with Uncle Dave. He sure looks like he’s ready to be a grandpa!


Grandma and Lainey worked on a puzzle (while still sporting her Cardinal gear).


Grandpa, Aunt Mary Ellen, and Uncle Dave waiting for the meat to be done. Uncle Dave is an EXPERT at cooking meat. He’s been working for the past three days to make tonight’s dinner of brisket, pulled pork, and ribs. Yum, yum, yum!!


Lauren wanted to get in on loving me.


I repaid the favor by dousing her in spit up. (This picture was perfectly timed. Notice it dripping down her elbow.)


Mommy’s cousin, Catie, arrived with her daughter, Samantha. Samantha and Lainey were some crazy girls who had lots of fun together.


Uncle Dave also made some DELICIOUS carrot cake (or so I hear), so Lainey dug in and devoured it!


Then it was time for some pictures. They tried one with the younger kids. As you’ll see in the pictures, I got a little less amused as time went on.




Enough kisses. I’m done.


Grandpa with his siblings, Mary Ellen, Cathy, and Dave.


The siblings with Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Steck.


The whole family with spouses (except for Uncle Mike…we missed you!).


Mommy with some of her cousins, Catie, Lauren, Jennifer, Ellen, and Nicky. After family pictures, we went back to the motor home and fell sleep instantly. Such a fun day!

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