Purina Farms

Story told by Lainey

We went to Purina Farms today (which is just outside of St. Louis). This was one of Mommy’s favorite places to go when she was growing up.


We got to see lots of animals. I did okay with them as long as we didn’t get too close.



We met a bunch of family members at the farm. Mommy’s cousin, Jennifer, and my great Aunt Mary Ellen showed me how to pet the sheep. There was no way I was going to do that, but I appreciate their effort.


I was quite interested in this bunny. He didn’t seem to share my enthusiasm.


I had fun watching the pigs. They were going crazy. My favorite part was when they went to the bathroom. I just couldn’t believe it.


Henry and Mommy hung out together. He didn’t quite appreciate the farm like I did.


Mommy with her cousins, Jennifer (who just moved home from Boston two days ago) and Ellen (who is visiting from Texas for a few days). The whole family got together so they could see me (and maybe they wanted to meet Henry and see each other as well).


I really did enjoy myself, but there were just enough new things that I didn’t let go of Grandma’s hand for the first 30 minutes.


After I warmed up to everyone, I got pretty attached to Ellen. She spent LOTS of time with me. Mommy kept asking Ellen if she was doing okay, but why wouldn’t she be?! She was spending time with the cutest girl!


I quickly made Mommy’s cousins my new best friends.


Waiting for the dog show to start. I LOVED the dog show!


Henry didn’t seem quite as fascinated.


We went on a fun wagon ride. We heard thunder in the distance, so we did this just in time!


I kept talking about a hat, so my great Aunt Mary Ellen agreed to buy my poor, neglected self a hat. However, as soon as I tried on the hat, I found something else that I needed. I just had to have it.


It was a ladybug coin purse!


It was the perfect end to a great morning! Thanks Aunt Mary Ellen!

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