A Great Day in Spokane!

Story told by Lainey

We wanted to have a fun day as a family, so Daddy took the day off from work and we headed up to Spokane to visit some friends!


We started out bright and early with a visit to Amy and Tyler! Mommy used to teach with Amy in Pullman, but she moved to Spokane awhile ago. Tyler was born at the end of March, so this was our first chance to meet him!


Tyler is a spitting image of his daddy!


There was not nearly enough time to visit, but Mommy and Amy made the most of their time!


Henry and Tyler spent some time hanging out together. Hopefully this is the start of a great friendship!


Mommy spent some time with Tyler, while…


Amy spent some time with Henry.


I even got in on the baby-holding action. Such a great morning, and we’re so grateful that Amy welcomed us into her home!


After we left Amy’s house, we headed to the downtown Red Robin to meet Hilary (mommy’s friend from high school) and Paxton for lunch.


While Mommy and Hilary had fun talking, Daddy and I entertained one another.



Paxton’s favorite part of lunch was eating ketchup with his hands. Hmmm…I haven’t tried this yet, but he gave me some great ideas! Paxton is going to have a little brother in August, so he’ll be able to pass on these ideas to him as well.


After a fun lunch, we enjoyed the beautiful day by playing in River Park Square for awhile.


A stranger offered to come paint a strawberry on my arm. Naturally Mommy and Daddy didn’t question it at all. Of course!


I was thrilled that the strawberry matched my shorts!!




I was SO EXCITED to see a giant red wagon. While I’m fairly happy with the red wagon that Grandma and Grandpa bought for me, I can’t help but wonder why they didn’t buy this one for me.


Mommy and I climbed up to the top of the wagon.


Then I went down the slide over and over and over again. That means that Mommy went up and down the stairs over and over and over again. I’m sure she loved it.


Spent lots of time watching the ducks and geese.





Gotta love this curly mane of hair!


Spent some time near the fountains, but it wasn’t quite warm enough to get soaking wet.


Mommy convinced me to touch the water, and then I ran away crying. I obviously wasn’t ready for such a big step.


After our fun downtown, we went to visit Jessica and Jason. On the drive to their house, I took a LONG four-minute nap, so I was nice and refreshed for our evening with them.


Jason is going to be a daddy in September, so he got in some practice with spit-up-covered Henry.


Hanging out with Daddy.


Jessica and Mommy spent time lounging on the deck while the real fun happened out in the yard.



Beautiful Jessica! She is almost 22 weeks pregnant. I can’t wait to meet the baby boy or girl in September. After some fun time outside, they made a delicious dinner for us. We had so much fun with them and are so thankful they had us over! I slept ALL of the way home. Such a fun day!

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