Goodbye to the Strickler Family

Story told by Henry

The Strickler family is leaving us for Kalispell, Montana where Oliver’s daddy got a job (now that he’s finished at WSU). We’re very happy for them, but we’re also going to miss them A LOT!


Oliver and his mommy came over for one last play date today.


Lainey was extremely camera shy today. Stinker.


Oliver and I spent some time hanging out together.


I was a little fussy in this picture. Oliver is telling me to chill out.


After I went down for a nap, Mommy made lunch and everyone else played on the swing set.


They enjoyed a yummy picnic lunch in some beautiful weather.


Mommy and Oliver’s beautiful mommy, Darcee


We are really going to miss them, but know that they’ll make lots of new friends in Montana. They’re such a great family!

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