Victoria and Adelee Come to Visit

Story told by Henry

Mommy was so excited to have one of her favorite people, Victoria, come to visit today.


Victoria brought Adelee with her as well!


Adelee is 5 1/2 months old and is one of the cutest girls I know!



Victoria had fun meeting me for the first time. That’s understandable since I’m a pretty neat kid.


Adelee and I had lots of time to hang out while my big sister was taking her nap.


All smiles!


And I had to get a little smile in as well.


Once Lainey woke up, she had lots of fun playing with Adelee.


The bunny kept kissing Adelee.


These two are going to be trouble on future camping trips.


We ended the day with dinner at Southfork! (I of course didn’t get any dinner, but everyone said it was yummy.) We had such a fun visit with Victoria and Adelee, and can’t wait to see them again in a few months!

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