Cougar Baseball (and Courtney is here)!

Story told by Lainey

Courtney and Matt came to visit for a few days, so one of our first stops had to be the Cougar baseball game!


Matt and Courtney brought me a new tutu, so of course I had to wear it today!


Henry and Daddy spent a good amount of the game together.


I spent most of the game waiting for Butch to arrive. Once he finally arrived, there was no way I was even going near him!


Mommy says that Matt and Courtney need to move closer (they live in Seattle right now)! We have so much fun with them. (Plus, they’re currently making us meals, bouncing/rocking/feeding Henry, playing with me, and much more.) They’re great!


I also spent part of the game intensely checking out some baseball cards. I’ve got to learn the stats of my favorite players.


Anjie came to join us for the game as well. (Mommy and Courtney went to school at WSU with Anjie.)


Henry came out of the ergo for a bit to eat and sit with Courtney.



I had numerous walks around the baseball stadium with Mommy, Daddy, Matt, and Courtney. On one of my walks I ran into some friends who gave me a cupcake and a Cougar sticker. It pays to know the right people.


The game went through my nap time, but that didn’t stop me from having a good time!


It was the perfect day for watching some baseball. Bring on spring!

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