Daddy’s 29th Birthday

Story told by Henry

Daddy turned 29 today! Mommy made him a delicious breakfast casserole, and then he headed off to work. As soon as he left, I took a break from my fussiness and started smiling for the first time!






I’m pretty darn cute!


Lainey had a sleepover with Hailey last night, so Jenny brought her home around lunchtime. Jenny managed to tame my sister’s crazy hair and put in some pigtails.


Lainey was really excited about her hair!


As soon as Daddy got home from work, Lainey insisted that he open his presents immediately. (It happened so fast that Mommy didn’t have time to get any pictures.) Daddy got a t-shirt, a bigger tent for our growing family, and money to buy a new antenna for his ham radio hobby.


This is what I put up with all day long.


Lainey constantly tries to grab my hand to kiss it, and I fight her on it (hence the looks on our faces). I know she loves me, but come on…give me a moment to breathe.


Then Lainey and Daddy Skyped with Na Na and Ba Ba on the phone.


Giving Na Na kisses.


Daddy requested Papa Murphy’s pizza for his birthday dinner, so that’s what he got! Uncle Jaron came to join us for this yummy dinner.


Uncle Jaron read a book to Lainey before she headed up to bed.


After Lainey went to bed, we headed downstairs to watch a movie about Daddy’s favorite band, Switchfoot. Daddy was so excited to watch this movie! They also had Ferdinand’s ice cream as a delicious treat.


I slept through the movie in the ergo on Mommy. I’m sure Daddy will make me watch this movie many times in my life, so I’m not too worried about missing it now.

Happy Birthday Daddy! I’ve only known you for seven weeks, but I think you’re a pretty neat guy. I hope you had a good day!

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