A Glimpse of Our Week

Story told by Henry

We have been quite busy this week!


My sister and I spent some time together on my playmat.


Thank goodness Mommy was around because Lainey was insistent on shoving this bottle in my mouth. Oh my.


Lainey was also insistent that she climb in the toy with me. Mommy narrowly saved me from having my sister land on my face.


Lainey wanted her babies to play as well. Can you find me?




I don’t have any personal space. Ever.


I also stayed busy with tummy time. That’s quite a bit of work, but someone has to do it.



Lainey had her friend, Stella, over to play. Man, those girls can make some noise!

photo 1

Her friend, Kate, also came over. They spent some time bonding while on the potty.


Lainey has a tradition of hiding before her bath each night. This has been her new hiding spot for the past few nights. Hmmm…it’s amazing that Daddy has been able to find her.


I’m five weeks old now, but I’m in three-month clothes. I’m growing, growing, growing!


Daddy and I often hang out in the early morning while Mommy takes a quick shower. Notice how alert I am and how tired Daddy looks. I LOVE spending time with Mommy and Daddy at all hours of the night, but for some reason I get the feeling that they don’t get quite the same enjoyment from it.


Lainey had fun getting gussied up in her pretty, purple tutu.


She loved twirling in her dress. She would spin so much that she would fall over. That doesn’t seem too smart to me, but hey…whatever floats her boat.



Mommy and Lainey also (once again) attempted playdough this week.


And while it was fun for awhile, it (once again) abruptly ended when Lainey attempted to eat playdough for the umpteenth time.


This has been Mommy’s view of me for most of this week as she’s been “wearing” me in the ERGO a lot.


Mommy says I’m being fussy. I just say that I want to be close with my sweet, caring Mommy.


How could you not want to be near this face every second of every day?!

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