My Two Year Checkup

Story told by Lainey

I had my two year checkup with Dr. Mike today. While driving to his office, I kept exclaiming, “Dotor Mite…Dotor Mite (Dr Mike)!”


When you’re a big two-year-old, you don’t have to lay down on the scale anymore. You get to stand on the big girl scale.


You also get to stand against the wall to have your height measured.

Here are my stats from the first part of my visit:

Height: 2 feet, 11.25 inches (80th percentile)

Weight: 29 pounds, 7 oz (80th percentile)

Head Circumference: 20.5 inches (greater than 95th percentile)…Yep, I still have a huge head!


After my measurements, I had a snack and waited for Dr. Mike.


When Dr. Mike came in, he gave me the choice of sitting on the table or Mommy’s lap. I was a brave girl and chose the table (as long as I could bring my snack with me).


I always have fun with Dr. Mike.


I opened up wide for Dr. Mike to look in my mouth. Any time Mommy asks me to do this I attempt to bite off her fingers, but for Dr. Mike, I was obviously perfect.


Before Dr. Mike left, he gave me an Elmo sticker, which I loved!


After Dr. Mike left, the nurse came back in to give me two pokes, one in my finger and one in my thigh. I was a very brave girl and only cried a little with the shot in my thigh. (Here I am showing Mommy the Band-Aid on my finger.)


As you can see, I’m quite tall. Dr. Mike said there are multiple ways to estimate my height as an adult. One way would be to double my two-year-old height, which would give me an estimated adult height of about 5’11”. Another way is to average the height of my parents and subtract 1/2-inch (if I were a boy, I would add 1/2-inch). That would give me an estimated adult height of 5’10”. Either way, it looks like I’m going to continue to be one tall girl!


I’m happy to have a clean bill of health! I (hopefully) won’t be back to the doctor’s office for another year!

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