We survived!

Story told by Lainey

Today was Daddy’s first day back at work. It was just me, Henry, and Mommy at home. Mommy documented a few moments of our time together today.


I’m still messed up from the time change, so I slept in later than normal. That meant that Mommy and Henry had some time to hang out together this morning.


Henry and Mommy came up to get me out of bed this morning. We had to play with each of my dolls before I could even think about getting out of bed.


Henry was good about just hanging out while I got dressed.


After breakfast, I did some tummy time with Henry.


He wasn’t very interested in lifting up his head, but he didn’t seem too fussy.


I had to make sure to give my own baby some time to work on her neck muscles as well.


Then we went out to the garage to get the stroller to take a walk.


Henry was as snug as a bug in his car seat. As soon as we were about to head out for a walk, it started raining.


The only thing that could ease my disappointment of not getting to go on a walk was to go inside to have a snack and watch my new Minnie Mouse DVD from my birthday.


The rain had stopped after I woke up from my nap, so we went to the post office to pick up some packages.


There was a package waiting for me from Ba Ba and Na Na, and I could barely wait to get home to open it!


It was an Abby doll for my birthday. Thank you Ba Ba and Na Na!!


After our walk, Kylie, Daisy, and their mommies came to visit (and to bring us dinner, which really made Mommy happy).



Daisy did a good job of holding Henry!



Kylie also did a great job!



It was fun to have my friends come visit!


After Daddy got home, we had to get a picture of the three of us to prove that we made it through the day. I pushed Mommy’s buttons a few times, but Mommy stayed strong. As I always like to say, “Good job, Mommy!” We survived!

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