Everyone is Home!

Mommy, Daddy, and Henry arrived home on Friday, February 21st. I was so happy to finally have everyone home!


On our first morning, Daddy and I made Belgian waffles. I was so excited to use my new apron that Na Na made for me as an early birthday present!


While we made waffles, Na Na snuggled with Henry.


Aunt Janet flew in yesterday, so we got to spend some fun time together!



After breakfast, we went out to make a snowman (my first one ever)!











We also made a Lainey-sized snow girl!


Our first real adventure of the week was discovering that our sink was leaking. A lot.


Daddy was awesome, though, and spent most of Saturday and Sunday fixing the sink. This involved multiple trips into town, and a counter full of unwashed dishes. He finally got everything fixed!

Our second adventure of the week was the flu. It hit us hard. First me, then Daddy, then Mommy, and finally Na Na. It started when I threw up all over Aunt Janet. Na Na and Aunt Janet didn’t want to get Henry sick, so they stayed with me over night while Mommy, Daddy, and Henry stayed in another room. I was one pitiful sick girl, but I had some wonderful ladies to comfort me. It hit Daddy on Tuesday night, Mommy on Thursday night, and Na Na on Friday night. Everyone made it through (although the healing of Mommy’s C-Section incision definitely had a setback). Na Na was incredible all week long, and worked hard to keep the sickness away from Henry. So far he is doing okay! I’ll let him share about the rest of the week in the next blog post.

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