Super Bowl XLVlll

Today we were very excited to watch the Super Bowl because our very own Seattle Seahawks were playing the Denver Broncos! We invited our Home Group over to watch the game and eat some yummy food. Before everyone arrived, Mommy, Daddy, and I made hats to cheer on the Hawks.



This was my Skittles hat. Skittles are a big deal with the Seahawks because Marshawn Lynch’s mother used to give him these “power pellets” before his games when he was a boy. He kept eating Skittles throughout his career, and now he’s famous for it!



I didn’t want my baby to feel left out of the fun.


Mommy’s fun hat.


The fans of the Seahawks are know as “The 12th Man.” Daddy made a hat that showed him as “The 12th Fan.”


The start of the game! We had a hat-making contest, Super Bowl Bingo, and several other prizes throughout the game.


Jacob won the hat contest (second year in a row)!


Nikki did a great job with her hat!


And so did Hailey.

After a fun game, we were able to celebrate the FIRST TIME EVER that the Seahawks won the Super Bowl! Such a fun time in the state of Washington! Go Hawks!

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