Thanksgiving 2013

I got to celebrate Thanksgiving on the west side of the state. Na Na and I started the day by making rolls together.



I got to wear Na Na’s apron to protect my clothes. Doesn’t it look good on me?!


I sampled lots of raw dough just to make sure it was edible.


At first it was hard learning to use Na Na’s kitchen tools.


It didn’t take me long, though, to get comfortable and have some fun!


In the afternoon we went to Seattle to have dinner with Na Na’s side of the family at Aunt Jaffer’s house. I look a little concerned in this picture because no one has given me food yet! I’m a hungry girl!


There were over 20 people there. It was a full house!



Eating one of the rolls that Na Na and I made that morning. I was a happy girl once the food arrived!


We had delicious food and great company. I’m thankful for a great day with family!

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