Meeting Adelee

Victoria, one of Mommy’s best friends, had baby Adelee on November 11, 2013. We are on the west side of the state this week for Thanksgiving, so we finally got to meet her!



Adelee arrived two weeks early and weighed six pounds, eight ounces.


Daddy got to hold Adelee. We have to get Daddy ready for my baby brother!


Mommy and Daddy say that they REALLY need to get me ready for a little brother. I don’t know why, though. When he arrives, won’t he just sit around while I get all of the attention?


Victoria is doing such a great job as a mommy. She has a very happy and sweet little girl!




We had a fun morning hanging out at Victoria’s house!


I can’t wait for future play dates and camping trips with Adelee! I’m so happy to have a new friend!

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