My Bears

I have two pink bears who are very special to me.


I like to start the day by getting their shoes on.


Demonstrating to Mommy that your shoes go on your feet. (You would think Mommy would know this stuff by now.)


We make sure to stop frequently for hugs.


Daddy often gets in on the fun with the bears.


This was one of my first realizations that you can do something silly, take a picture, and then look at it on the camera. Mommy and I had fun with this for quite awhile.


I want to make sure the bears have lots of experiences in their life, so of course I’m starting them out with some light piano playing (in my experience I’ve found that it’s best to let them absorb the piano music first, and then later we’ll move onto the actual piano).


My bears also like to play on toys (and my baby doll often gets involved).


After lots of playing, I can tell the bears are tired.


I try this spot out first for a nap. They didn’t like it.


What about here? Oh, you guys like it? Perfect.


I think I’ll just settle down and take a nap with you. I love my bears!

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