Mommy, Daddy, and I went to Zeppoz to see my friend, Kimmi, tonight. She’s been teaching in another country, and is back in town for a couple of weeks. Once I gave her a hug, it was time to get down to the serious business of bowling.


I was pleased to find that they have toddler bowling shoes. I commented several times on how pretty these shoes were as Mommy was putting them on. Daddy was glad to hear that I’m easy to please when it comes to shoes!


I was very good at pushing the ball down the ramp.


I always stood very still to watch the ball go down the lane.



I was pretty insistent on carrying the ball, but Daddy seemed to think I needed help. Come on, Dad! I’m one strong girl!


By far, my favorite part of bowling was watching the ball come out of the machine. It’s like magic!


That ball surprised me every time!


Mommy also helped me with the bowling.


Despite the look on my face at the moment, I really did have lots of fun. In the middle of the round, we took a break for some yummy pizza. Once we finished the game, my final score was 69 (I got a great spare that contributed to that score). Not too bad for my first round of bowling!

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