Glacier National Park: The Sunny Days

We were able to enjoy some wonderful sunny weather for our last few days at the park. It was so nice!


While I took a nap, Ba Ba stayed with me and the rest of the crew went down to explore Lake McDonald by our campground.



After I woke up, we drove a few miles to Apgar Village, which is also on Lake McDonald.


I spent time throwing rocks in the water and enjoying the beautiful scenery.





It was a warm day and the water looked inviting, so we had to do some exploring.


But then I decided that I had to thoroughly enjoy the water, so off went the clothes!





The next day, Ba Ba, Na Na, and Uncle Jaron took a shuttle up to Logan Pass to see the view on a non-cloudy day. That trip was going to be a little too long for me, so Mommy, Daddy, and I went to Goat Lick Overlook.


We were hoping to see some mountain goats licking the salty rocks, but there weren’t any out that day. We still had fun exploring the area.


During our time hanging out around the campground, we went on many walks. Everyone else seemed to want to relax MUCH more than I did. Come on guys, let’s go exploring!


The guys did our cooking and dishes during the trip! Here they are figuring out how to set up the camping BBQ that is a fairly new gift for Daddy and hadn’t been used until this trip.


We ended the trip with Ba Ba and Daddy setting up a portable Ham Radio by hooking it up to the car battery. They talked to nine states, some as far as Mississippi and Arkansas.


I helped a lot by twisting the knobs while they were trying to talk. I don’t know how they’ve previously done this without me.

Overall, we had a great trip! The rain slowed us a down a little in the beginning, but we still got out and enjoyed every day!

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