Glacier National Park: The Rainy Days

Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Jaron, Na Na (Grandma), Ba Ba (Grandpa), and I all went to Glacier National Park for a fun camping vacation. We stayed in Fish Creek Campground for five nights/six days.


I was in the car for about seven hours, so as soon as I got there I needed to prove myself on the campground balance beam.




While I worked hard on my balancing act, Daddy worked to quickly set up the tent because it looked like rain might be on its way.


And sure enough, LOTS of rain was on its way. It poured the whole next day, but it didn’t stop us from taking our (already reserved) red bus trip.


We rode on bus 89 with our driver, Jammer Karl. The appeal of these buses is that the top can be pulled back so we can let the warm, Glacier wind blow through our hair. Bummer about that darn rain.



Ready to start our four-hour tour of the park!


I grew tired of my spot with Mommy and Daddy within about fifteen seconds, so I climbed into the roomy back seat with Na Na and Ba Ba so I could move everywhere.



We made a few stops on the way up the Going-to-the-Sun Highway.


Stretching my muscles on one of our stops. I was starting to get a little tired of the bus by this point of the trip. I’m sure my friends on the bus didn’t mind straining to hear the driver over my screaming.


Even though we missed some of the views due to the clouds, we got to see an eerie and mysterious side of Glacier National Park.




At some stops it was raining really hard, so only a few brave souls ventured off the bus.


Here are the rest of us soaked and chilled-to-the-bone people who stayed on the bus.



Na Na and Ba Ba by the river.


Almost to the end of our red bus trip. Based on the look on my face, can you guess how much fun I’m having sitting on that bus?


To end our tour, the driver had a very special sticker for me. This made me smile!


When we got back to our campsite, I took a much-needed nap while everyone else tried to stay warm and dry under the canopy.


We thought we had a break from the rain the next day, so we took a drive to Whitefish, Montana.


Apparently, the rain found us, though. It’s okay because we still had lots of fun exploring Whitefish and doing some shopping!


We went to dinner that night, and I found Charlie (or more like he found me and stuck his face in my food during dinner).


He was a little forward, which I was fine with at first…


…but then it got to be a little much. Okay, Charlie, nice to meet you. A simple handshake might do next time.

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