My First Visit to the Dentist’s Office

I went to see Dr. Fisher for the first time today. I was very serious during most of the appointment because there were so many new things to see and explore.


I sat on Mommy’s lap for the appointment so I would feel comfortable. Mommy’s friend, Corinne (and also our hygienist), brought out the horse so we could practice brushing his teeth.


Still not quite sure why we’re here.


Corinne gave me a brand new toothbrush, which I really liked!

After this, Dr. Fisher came in to look at my mouth. Mommy didn’t take any pictures during this time because I was a little unhappy. He spent about 30 seconds looking in my mouth. I have seven teeth (with a molar on the way). I also have a little plaque between my two bottom front teeth, so Dr. Fisher told Mommy that she needs to start flossing just between those two teeth. Ha! I’d like to see her try!


After I was all done with Dr. Fisher, Corinne gave me a wrist band from the prize box.


Ready to leave the dentist’s office with a new toothbrush and a wrist band. All in all, it wasn’t too bad of a morning!

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