Kanaskat-Palmer State Park

This weekend we met Victoria and Karl on the west side of the state to go camping.


When we got there, I started exploring!


I also stayed busy with bringing piles of dirt to the tarp. I’m such a big helper!


I also kicked back with some good books. It’s vacation already!


What, Mommy? You don’t want me dumping handfuls of dirt on you? Why not? It seems perfectly reasonable to me.


Time for Daddy to start a fire so we can have some s’mores!


Karl got a little messy with his s’mores!


Yum, yum, yum!


After a good night of sleep, it was time for breakfast.


Mommy and Victoria


After breakfast, it was time for my nap, so the adults played Mexican Train. Karl was the winner, and Daddy was the loser. (In fact, we figured out that Daddy has lost Mexican Train six times in the past seven years. Not a great record.)


When I woke up, we went to explore the river.


Rocks, rocks, and more rocks! I was thrilled!


Daddy introduced me to the fun of throwing rocks in the river.


While Daddy and I threw rocks in the river, Mommy got a picture of Victoria’s baby bump at 19 weeks. There is a little GIRL in there who I can’t wait to meet in November!!


Victoria helped me throw some rocks in the river as well.


Then I was finally able to get up on the rock all by myself, and I was pretty darn proud!


Karl went on an ice cream run for his pregnant wife, so of course we all had to share. Since we didn’t have a way to keep it frozen, we had to eat the entire carton.


I pitched in and helped out.


Not the healthiest, but hey, we’re camping!


We ended the day with Daddy grilling burgers, and…


…Karl making our hobo dinners over the coals in the fire pit.

On Sunday morning, we were able to spend some time relaxing before we had to drive home. It was such a great weekend, and I can’t wait to see Karl and Victoria again!

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