Planting the Garden!

We finally had a sunny day on which we had nothing planned, so we planted our garden!


I did a great job of helping Daddy plant the squash.


I also did a great job of eating dirt. I don’t know why Mommy didn’t like it. I had a blast!


Mommy and I rode all over the place in the wheelbarrow.


I also got out my gardening tools and went to work on the concrete driveway.


After awhile Kate and Clara came over to help. I just had to give Kate a pat on the back for coming. She’s such a good friend.


I was so excited to see her. She didn’t seem to share my same excitement. Hmmm…I may have been a little too crazy.


Clara did a good job of helping Daddy water the plants.


Kate and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out whose turn it was on the slide.


We also couldn’t quite figure out which direction to go.


Taking a water break. This day sure was exhausting.


Mommy was watering and Daddy walked right in front of the hose. (Daddy claims differently, but Mommy promises that her story is correct.)

After several hours, we had our garden ready to go. I can’t wait to see the first sprouts coming up!

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