My Very Own Cherry Tree

My Great Grandpa Al wanted to give me a cherry tree that could grow older with me. While Grandma Melissa and Grandpa Roland were visiting this week, we went to pick one out.


Walking through the plant nursery with Daddy.


Checking out the cherry trees.


We found a tree! It will grow three different types of cherries. How cool is that?!


Grandpa Roland took me on my first wagon ride ever!


I had lots of fun.


Mommy and Daddy also bought a few extra plants. I happily shared my wagon with them!


After a nap and lunch it was time to plant the tree!


Daddy had to make sure the tree would fit in the hole.


I also fit in the hole, but I’m not sure that I liked it. We should leave the hole for the tree.


Daddy and Grandma Melissa did a great job of getting this tree in the ground!


Look at my tree! I love it! Thanks for the wonderful gift Great Grandpa Al!

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