Sun and Snow!

We have had some beautiful, sunny weather this week, but we’ve all been pretty sick and haven’t been able to enjoy it. On Saturday, though, we were all feeling better and the sun was out!


We bundled up in our snow gear to head outside.


I did all right in the snow, but only if Daddy stayed right by me.


I didn’t like it on my gloves, though. Daddy helped me get it off.


Next we headed back to the play structure in our backyard.


I could barely fit in the swing with all of my layers on, but I made it!


Scrunchy face!


I love it when Daddy pushes me.


Then Daddy and I climbed up to the top of the play structure. It was really tall!


I went down my first slide! Daddy stayed at the top with me, and Mommy helped me slowly slide down the slide. I smiled the whole way down.


What a great day!

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