An Eventful Friday

We had a fun and busy day today. Three things happened today:

1) I went to my first swimming lesson with Mommy. I loved it! I got to float on both my back and my stomach (with Mommy holding me very securely). I loved splashing my hands in the water. This meant that water flew into my face, but I quickly got over it. It was fun! There are about five other kids in my class and the youngest of them is 14 months. So, they’re quite a bit older, but hopefully I can learn a lot from them!

2) I had my ultrasound to look at my brain this afternoon. I was supposed to lay very still, but there was so much to look at in the room that I was a little wiggly. The hole in my skull is very small and almost closed, but the technician was able to work her magic and get a look inside. Everything is fine! The radiologist came in to tell me that I just have a big head because of genetics. Thanks a lot Mom and Dad!

3) The Cougars beat UNLV tonight. Go Cougs!

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