Cougar Football is Finally Here!


I am so excited for the first Cougar football game of the year!! It’s against BYU in Utah, but Mommy, Daddy, and I insist on wearing our Cougar clothes still.


I’m giddy with excitement! I’ll be asleep when the game starts, but I trust my parents to cheer extra hard for me.

Hurry up already!

Mommy doesn’t feed me my oatmeal fast enough, so I have to sit here with my mouth open waiting for her to get her act together.



After sticking my hand in my mouth and rubbing food all over my face and hair, Mommy finally gets the message. Give me more food!


Nom, nom, nom, nom…


See, that’s all I wanted.

On the Move!

I’m starting to move all over the place. Mommy or Daddy will put me down, and then I’m off!




I either move like an inch-worm, or I get up on my hands and toes. No one ever said I had to be efficient!


Back to School

It’s that time of year again! School is starting. Everywhere I go I’m reminded of this. The signs at the store advertising the best school sales. The school buses driving by this morning. My teacher friends working frantically in their classrooms to prepare for the students.

I’m also constantly reminded that I’m not going back this year.

It’s been more difficult than I would have expected. I knew that I loved teaching, but who knew I loved it this much? I just looked at the clock: 8:36. School started six minutes ago. I can picture the students dressed in their new clothes lined up on the playground anxiously waiting. I know the teachers have big smiles on their faces while reassuring the students (and the parents). The perfectly arranged classrooms are about to be invaded and partially destroyed. But that’s what makes this job so much fun!

It’s hard not to feel left behind. While on maternity leave at the end of last year, it was not too difficult because I could still go in to visit the kids. The summer wasn’t too bad either because I was enjoying summer just like every other teacher. Now it’s hard, though. There are too many exciting events happening without me! To all of my teacher friends – Weren’t you all supposed to have babies and take several years off with me so that I didn’t miss anything? Better yet, why doesn’t Sunnyside Elementary just shut down until I choose to return?

As much as I struggle with my emotions today, I’m also constantly reminded of why I chose to stop teaching.


I take one look at that precious face and I don’t regret my decision in any way. I feel very fortunate to be given the opportunity to stay home, and I know I made the right choice for our family.

Will I miss wrangling and corralling 27 third graders? Oddly, yes. Will this school year be a little difficult for me? Maybe. However, I can’t imagine things being any different.

I wish nothing but the best to all of my teacher friends. I know I’ll see you quite often and will get my fix of school stories. Have a wonderful year filled with lots of fun and memories!

And, finally, as much as I miss being at Sunnyside right now, I know that I will feel no mixed emotions about my decision come the crazy and busy time of parent-teacher conferences. 🙂 Best of luck!

Lentil Festival Parade

Our area of eastern Washington and northern Idaho grows a quarter of the lentils in the United States. Since 1989, Pullman has been celebrating this wonderful little legume with the National Lentil Festival.


Waiting for the parade to start.


The official start of the parade.


Having fun with Mommy.


On Friday night of the Lentil Festival, this pot is filled with 350 gallons of lentil chili. It is given out for free to the community, and it’s delicious!


Here come the Cougars!!!!!!!!!


Lainey watching the WSU marching band go by. That might be her some day!


Mike Leech, our new football coach. Please, please, please, PLEASE get us some wins this year!

Take a Guess

This is the morning after one of these people stayed up WAY too late watching the Olympics, while the other one went to bed at 8:30 p.m. Can you guess which one is which?


Fun with Emma

Twice a week, Chelsea and Kristen get together to trade times for going to the gym. While Chelsea goes to the gym, Kristen watches Lainey and Emma (and vice versa). This means that Lainey and Emma get to have lots of fun together! Emma currently thinks that Lainey is her baby doll and is always trying to pick her up. Emma is also very sweet to Lainey by giving her toys and wiping her mouth with the burp cloth.


Emma putting “necklaces” on Lainey.


Don’t I look pretty?


They are intently studying the burp cloth. Too cute!