Easter Bunny Visit


Ready in my adorable dress to go see the Easter Bunny!


Spending time with the Easter Bunny. I was very well-behaved and slept through the whole encounter.

My Cute Jean Dress


I love my new jean dress! However, I didn’t make it long before spitting up all over the dress and pooping in my pants. At least Mom got a picture before I dirtied my clothes!

Tummy Time

In order to make my neck muscles stronger, I get to spend some time every day on my tummy. Today I made it one minute before I got fussy. The pictures below show how strong my neck muscles are already!




Projectile Pooping

On the morning of Monday, March 26, Lainey woke up crying at about 5:30 a.m. We thought she may have been hungry, but we wanted to change her diaper first. We quickly learned that she had a very poopy diaper. Kylan changed her diaper, but she immediately dirtied another one. While changing this next diaper, Lainey had to go again, but Kylan wasn’t  quite prepared for what was coming. Before we knew it, Lainey had projectile pooped six feet across the room. She had covered the wall, the carpet, and the dresser. We got a good laugh out of it, but then spent the next 20 minutes cleaning it all up (while Lainey happily went back to sleep). Oh the joys of parenthood…